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According to reports {details regarding the news of the sports concerned, the name of the team or organization heading the team (it can also be the name of a specific athlete about whom the news is) and details pertaining to the specifics of the news}

{A comment as release to the media by an intimate member of the team or the organization heading the team} is what {name and designation of the intimate member of the team or the organization heading the team} was quoted as saying. {He} further added, {another comment released by that intimate member of the team or the organization heading the team released to the media}

This is {name of the intimate member of the team or the organization of the team and his/her position in the team that makes his words valuable and worthy of printing} in regards to {the news that has been released} benefits {details regarding how the news benefits the team, athlete or the organization heading the team}

Further comments by {name of the intimate member of the team or the organization heading the team} said, {a comment released by that intimate member of the team or the organization heading the team in front of the media in regards to the news that has been released}

The {name of the team or the athlete} are/is {details regarding the team/athlete as well as mention of the previous achievements of the team/athlete that makes news regarding him/her/them worthy of reading. Mention the details about his/her/their accolades}

{Name of the team or the organization heading the team. In case of an athlete mention his/her name} is {name of the organization or heading body that the athlete/team is associated with} and {mention any other associations or affiliations that the athlete/team might have} other {mention details regarding further affiliations in a comprehensive manner. In case of a university or organization or heading body mention other sports where they might have made a commendable mark}

For more details regarding {the news that has been mentioned} please visit {link to the official website that speaks in detail regarding the contents of the news}

The following press release example shows how to write the Sports Press Release:

National Letter of Intent signed by 23 players by the Golden Eagle Football Team

According to reports {the University of Minnesota, Crookston Golden Eagle football program has revealed that a National Letter of Intent was signed by 23 players. One other player has also signed an Institutional Letter of Intent. This letter of intent states that these players have committed to playing for the Golden Eagle Team in the upcoming season of 2008.}

{“The Golden Eagle Football staff is thrilled with the quality of this great group of student-athletes. We are excited about the enthusiasm that has been very apparent in our immediate region of Northwest Minnesota and North Dakota,”} is what {Head Coach Shannon Stassen} was quoted as saying. {He} further added, {“The commitment by the administration at the University of Minnesota, Crookston to the athletic department and the university as a whole was certainly the biggest factor in our success regionally. Students also understand that playing Division II athletics, receiving a Big Ten Degree in a private school setting and being a part of a great community is a special opportunity.”}

This is {for Coach Stassen and his staff, the sixth recruiting class.} In regards to {this signing of new athletic talents, the team} benefits {the Golden Eagle Football team by making it more competitive in the immediate Northern Sun Intercollegiate (NSIC).}

Further comments by {Head Coach Stassen} said, {“Today we have added young men that understand the balance between academics and athletics and are focused on excelling in both areas. These students are passionate about the college experience and are dedicated to becoming lifelong learners. The UMC athletic department and football program are committed to being a leader in the Crookston community through the example we set and the service we provide.”}

The {Golden Eagles} are {a team that takes part in all 10 varsity sports that is being held under the Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference. They have had great success in many of these sports and are a reputed institution that gives importance to both athletics and academics. The University of Minnesota, Crookston is a safe haven for all students and has a dignified position in the community. Many talented players and staff have been included in the team which makes this team worthy of noticing and praise.}

{The University of Minnesota, Crookston} is {NCAA Division II Institution} and {is also a part of the Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference, also known as the NSIC.} Other {varsity sports played by the university include hockey, horse riding and many more. The university takes its athletic prowess very seriously and the Golden Eagle Hockey team is a member of the Midwest Collegiate Hockey Association, also known as MCHA. The horse riding or the Golden Eagle Equestrian team is a member of the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association, also known as the IHSA. These affiliations prove the reputed standing of the university and its athletic teams.}

For more details regarding {the football team and the signings} please visit {the official page of the football team}

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