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Sports Massage for Marathon Runners

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Sports Massage for Marathon Runners
The ING New York City  Marathon is an event that some of us wish to take part in at least once in our life. For those of you who have accepted the challenge and have been lucky enough to get a place in this year’s NYC Marathon, you should be dedicated to a regular training program, increasing your mileage each week.
It is important to ensure your body is in peak condition before attempting the gruelling 26 miles of constant running. The sports massage therapists at Allure Day Spa are here to help ensure you achieve peak condition so that you can take on the Marathon with confidence.
There are many applications and benefits of sports massage which can support your training programme, such as:
· loosening of restricted joints
· relaxing and decongesting the body after exertion
· improving recovery between training and competition
· restoring energy when fatigued
· treating strained muscles and ligaments
· helping to keep a minor injury from becoming a more serious problem
· breaking up adhesions
· muscle balancing
· treating postural deviations
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