Sports Halloween costumes: Ideas for men, women in 2018

Coming up with a Halloween costume is easy. Cut two holes in a sheet—boom, you’re a ghost. Wrap yourself in gauze—presto, an easy mummy. But a creative costume idea is harder to come by, and even more so if you’re dead set on a sports concept. That’s why we’re here to help with 10 sports costume ideas.

Patrick Mahomes

What you need: Chiefs jersey, curly wig, headband, a rocket attached to your right arm.

Take your Halloween party by storm like Mahomes has taken over the NFL. But if a friend asks for candy, just politely toss it—don’t whip a sidearm rope on the run.

Los Angeles LeBron

What you need: LeBron jersey, director’s clapboard, beret.

Want to know why LeBron went to L.A.? Look at his IMDb profile. LeBron’s production company, SpringHill Entertainment, has 20 projects either out now or in the works. He’s as good at multitasking as he is at the chase-down block.

The New Kyrie

What you need: Kyrie jersey, globe, above average knowledge of astrophysics.

After spending the better part of two years propagating the conspiracy theory that Earth is flat, Irving apologized earlier this month. Pay homage to the newly enlightened Kyrie by teaching your fellow partygoers about Plato, Archimedes and Copernicus.

Serena Williams/Carlos Ramos

What you need: Blue cardigan, white pants (for Ramos); Black tennis one-piece (for Williams).

Bring some fire to your Halloween party by getting in a very loud argument that causes everyone in attendance to boo vociferously.

Gritty’s father

What you need: Scott Hartnell jersey, orange wig/beard, Gritty doll.

The official origin story for the Flyers’ new mascot states only that “his father was a ‘bully.’” But come on, take one look at former Flyers winger Scott Hartnell and try to say he’s not related to Gritty by blood.

2018 NFL referee

What you need: Just the classic referee’s outfit, but with extra flags.

Ask any NFL fan what their biggest complaint is this season and they’ll say the penalties. Pass-rushers are getting flagged for breathing too hard in the direction of a quarterback. Keep your Halloween party under control by throwing a flag at any instance of physical contact.

Post-LeBron LaVar Ball

What you need: Big Baller Brand shirt and shorts, a piece of tape over your mouth. 

The loudest guy in the NBA has been pretty quiet since the world’s best player came to town, huh?

Jon Gruden

What you need: Black pants, Raiders polo, Raiders visor.

Do what Gruden would do and keep trading away pieces of clothing throughout the night. 

2018 Hoodie Melo

What you need: Sweatpants, Rockets hoodie, a place to sit.

Late-career Carmelo Anthony’s trademark has been wearing a hoodie seemingly at all times. The key difference this year is that Melo, who literally laughed at the idea of coming off the bench last season, is no longer in the starting lineup. The advantage of this costume is that you can tell people at your party that you need a seat because it’s part of the gag. 

Long-suffering Red Sox fan

What you need: Red Sox Shirt, pacifier, baby rattle.

It’s been a tough, uhhh, five years for Red Sox fans who haven’t seen their team play in a World Series. 

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