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With the NBA and NHL drafts over, attention shifts to free agency in both sports.  The NBA is of course starting LeBron Watch III: The Re-Re-Decision.  The NHL, meanwhile, has its eyes on New York Islanders superstar John Tavares.  Isles fans are very, very anxious that JT will go where he has a better chance to win, even as we are somewhat confident that his love for the Isles and their fans and the arrival of the new regime (welcome to Brooklyn, Barry Trotz!) will lead him to stay.  If he goes, it will be heartbreaking, even with the emergence of Matthew Barzal and the Isles’ incredibly good draft.  If he stays, we will all breathe a sigh of relief, even while knowing that we still don’t have a goalie.  The expectation is that he decides by month’s end.  Much as the expectation is that LeBron will make his choice sooner rather than later.


  • It’s time for snap judgment as we assess the drafts.  Hot take: some of these guys will be busts!
  • NBA and NHL Awards handed out.  Congrats to all, especially Dwane Casey, who no doubt made his former bosses squirm.
  • Congrats to the Hockey Hall of Fame inductees.  Well, except Gary Bettman.
  • Hey, there’s still stuff going on on the field, too!  The College World Series is off and running (weather permitting) and MLB chugs along.
  • Best wishes to Sandy Alderson, whose cancer has returned and who is taking a leave of absence from the Mets.
  • Wimbeldon starts Monday.
  • And the World Cup remains the focus of the world. (Don’t forget the daily threads on this very site!)

As ever, all sports topics are welcome.

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