Sports committees visit Summer Activities

A delegation composed of members of the Youth Affairs Committee and Sports Committee has visited several Summer Activities classes to assess an annual program run jointly by the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau (DSEJ) and the Sports Bureau (ID). The initiative was set up to provide Macau youngsters with a number of activities during school summer holidays in July and August.
Members of the two committees visited several classes from both sports, and cultural and creative activities in Vitoria Sports Centre (Martial Arts) and at Colégio D Bosco Yuet Wah (Painting, Color Transfer, Inscription Rubbing and Stamping).

During a lunch organized prior to Wednesday’s visits, Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture, Alexis Tam, highlighted the nature and importance of such activities which have been generating increased demand from the Macau population.

This year the Summer Activities program had a total of 1,962 classes, which opened up 57,234 vacancies in 484 different activities.

According to figures from the organizers, the registration rate for such activities was over 92 percent.

Tam highlighted that the activities also included a program aimed at providing local youngsters with an opportunity to visit the mainland “to [get to] know more of the national developments,” Tam said, noting that of the almost 9,000 vacancies available for the programs, “around 7,000 students from Macau are currently participating [in such activities].”

The Secretary also commented on the addition of specific classes dedicated to students with special needs in a concurrent program.

In his speech, Tam said he hoped “that the youngsters can use these activities to learn more and develop more of their skills through meaningful activities during the school summer break…to come back to their studies with added strength.” RM

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