Sponsored Brief: Do I really need sports eyewear?

Sports eyewear protection has always been very important.  Whether you are a child or an adult, protecting your eyes should always be a priority.

In the last few years prescription eyewear has been more accessible than ever for safety eyewear.  In the past, the curvature of sports eyewear has caused distortion.  Digital lenses have helped bridge the gap between everyday glasses and wrapped lenses.

Nearly all safety lenses are made of a polycarbonate material.  Polycarbonate has many benefits for safety eyewear.  They are lighter weight than other materials, more impact resistant and provide 100% UV protection.

Customers have many choices while choosing safety eyewear.  One of our favorites is Wiley X.  Wiley X has contracts with most government agencies including FBI, DEA and military special forces among others.  They provide youth force frames for kids as well.  So whether your child plays soccer or they’re needed for racquetball, work or even shooting, Wiley X is a great brand to look into..

No matter what you choose, do yourself or child a favor and look into sports eyewear.  Feel free to swing by and see our selection.

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