Spokane business threatens next door business over parking

SPOKANE, Wash. –

Don’t park here or else– that was the daunting message a woman got in a note on her windshield. No one likes thinking about the possibility of losing your car, which is why the local business owner was so upset when she found out where that note came from.

This business owner tells says the letters have been found on the windshields of her employees and customers, threatening to ticket or tow them.

“There’s a lot of businesses and very little parking and some residents as well and sometimes it can be difficult to find a place to park.”

Dawn Kiki, who owns a local tea shoppe, says recently things have taken a turn.

“We were actually a little bit shocked,” Dawn said. “We’ve been getting letters saying that we can’t park anywhere but in front of our business or we will be ticketed or towed.”    

The letters weren’t from the city; they were from the business right next door.

“Some of our customers could potentially not come back because of it.”

The letter brought up a couple of questions:

1. Does the city ever reserve parking spots on the street?

2. Can a business actually put something like the on a car parked in front of their business while it’s on the street?

So I took it to city hall looking for answers. 

According to the city, businesses do not have the authority to fine or tow a car parked in the street.

The communications director with the city of Spokane tells me after my call, they reached out to the business hoping to find a middle ground.

“We know there’s competing needs and competing interested and parking is in high demand so let’s find a way to work together,” Brian Coddington said.   

Dawn hopes this will finally be the end of their parking predicament.

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