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A few months back, I started a podcast called “Spirit Business” to help heart-centered entrepreneurs learn business and life skills. Making this podcast has been a lot of work to get off the ground, but it’s been very fulfilling. I’ve met so many passionate conscious business owners who are really making an impact. There are already 17 episodes we’ve recorded.

It’s one of my greatest passions to help conscious business owners succeed because when they do – they can change the trajectory of someone’s life and greatly impact their communities.

Below are some recent videos from the podcast. Leave a comment on the videos – I’d love to hear from you.

You also listen to the audio version of these interviews on iTunes, Google Play, and blubrry.

The goal is to release the podcast 1x per week on Thursdays (although during this past Summer I got off track). I will interview conscious business owners who have valuable advice to share on mindfulness, wealth building, marketing, and much more. Occasionally I will record solo podcasts where I share advice specific to video marketing.

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I hope you find these interviews helpful and are immediately able to implement this advice into your business!

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Supercharge Your Business Growth | Twitter Rockstar + Lifestyle Entrepreneur Coach AJ Amyx

We delve into the 4 areas to conquer to build a successful business (Mindset, Marketing, Mechanics, Money). He also talks about importance of taking ownership of your life, video marketing tips, and why faith is the foundation of any sustainable business.

Take Back Your Power | Wellness + Lifestyle Coach Alida McDaniel

On this episode, Holistic Wellness + Lifestyle Entrepreneur Coach, Alida McDaniel, shares her personal wisdom on how to break free of the addictive patterns that keep so many people in a cycle of self-sabotage. She intimately reveals her own battle with obesity and depression then provides advice on how to take back your power.

Emotional Intelligence in Business | Leadership Coach Joie Seldon

On this interview, I speak with Leadership Coach Joie Seldon about her upcoming book, “Emotions: An Owner’s Manual”. We discuss the profound value all emotions hold – even those we label “negative”. We talk about the importance of business owners understanding how to navigate their own emotional terrain so they can effectively deal with conflict in their companies.

How to Avoid Burnout | Psychotherapist Anna Lindberg Coach

On this episode, I speak with psychotherapist, Anna Lindberg Cedar, about avoiding burnout through developing strong self-care habits. Anna details her personal experience that led her on the path to help others implement healthy burnout prevention strategies.

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