Speed Business Execution With Better Communication


Businesses today need to move fast to stay competitive. But how can today’s leaders help their organizations move faster? One way to speed business execution is through better communication.

Here are three ways that business leaders can improve communication without slowing things down -so work can move forward quickly.

Set the Pace

As a business leader, the speed with which you communicate is critical. Are you rushed, controlled, on edge?

It’s important to keep emotions in check so they don’t cloud what you are trying to communicate but instead compliment your message. Peter Karlson, Founder and CEO of NeuEon, advises leaders, “In the race to transform, set a steady pace that fits your business, monitor its effectiveness and adjust as needed.” By taking a moment to set the pace of conversation, you can eliminate confusion and set up employees to hit the ground running.

Inform and Empower

It’s not enough to just outline project information, you must also make the information meaningful for your team.


Many leaders are either results or people oriented in their leadership style. Results-oriented leaders focus on the to-do list, stress deadlines, and often have a bottom-line approach. People-oriented leaders focus on making connections and building rapport. By marrying these styles together, leaders can empower teams to execute with speed and accountability.

Nonverbal Expression

As a business leader, you must consider the influence your body language, facial expression, and tone of voice can have on a conversation. While the things you say will echo throughout your organization, your actions and attitude can have an even larger impact.


Developing awareness of these nonverbal cues can be a powerful tool that helps transform the way you communicate.      

Communicate at the Speed of Business

Clear communication helps teams and their stakeholders accomplish more. By developing these critical skills you can help your team move from idea to impact – fast.

Work changes quickly, and Smartsheet helps you stay on top of all those changes. Contact us today to learn how a work execution platform can accelerate your business.

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