Southern Illinois high school sports scores for May 14, 2018

Alton: Riley Phillips 2-3 Rbi, Jackson Brooks 1-3 2B, Wesley Laaker 1-1.

LP-Wesley Laaker IP-4.7 H-3 R-1 ER-1 BB-0 K-3

Triad: Mack Langdon 2-3, Nick Beeler 1-3, Travis Heilmann 1-3 Hr Rbi-4, Zach Kraabel 1-3 Rbi, Hunter Smith 1-3.

Gibault: Josh Papenberg 2-3, Mark Branz 1-3, Tim Reinholz 1-3 Hr Rbi, Eric Schreder 1-2.

LP-Ian Metcalf IP-1.0 H-4 R-7 ER-7 BB-6

Class 2A Wesclin Regional – First round

Wesclin: Philip Berberich 1-3 Rbi, Parker Durgin 1-2, Brandt Goings 1-1 2B Rbi, Alonzo Nunez 1-3 3B.

WP-Parker Durgin IP-7.0 H-10 R-4 ER-3 BB-0 K-9

Valmeyer: Michael Chism 2-4, Jake Krekel 2-3 Rbi-2, Andrew Whipple 2-2 Rbi, Cole Juelfs 1-2, Riley Mccarthy 1-2, Philip Reinhardt 1-3 Rbi, Jacob Rowold 1-3, Evan Thien 1-1 Rbi-2.

WP-Logan Seidler IP-1.0 H-1 R-0 ER-0 BB-0

Waterloo: Tommy Carr 4-4 2B-3 Rbi, Quinten Albrecht 3-4 2B-2, Nathan Albrecht 3-3 Rbi-5, Marcus Heusohn 2-4 2B Hr Rbi-4, Graham Baker 1-4, Lucas Goodsell 1-4, Ty Kueper 1-4, Josh Wittenauer 1-4.

WP-Nathan Albrecht IP-6.0 H-3 R-2 ER-1 BB-4 K-9

Civic Memorial: Chandler Powell 2-2 2B-2 Rbi-2, Zach Vaughn 1-4 2B, Geoff Withers 1-2 2B.

LP-Geoff Withers IP-5.0 H-13 R-10 ER-7 BB-1 K-4

Columbia: Kylie Cleveland 2-3 2B-2 Rbi-3, Chelsy Pena 2-3 Rbi-2, Keeler Van Breusegen 2-4, Calli Wibbenmeyer 2-3 Hr Rbi-4, Britney Edwards 1-3, Aryn Henke 1-3 3B, Mikaela Kossina 1-3 Rbi, Lexi Touchette 1-4.

WP-Kaelyn Rheinecker IP-6.0 H-0 R-0 ER-0 BB-1 K-6

Freeburg: Miranda Schulte 2-3 2B Rbi, Kelsie Burroughs 1-3, Colleen Cockrell 1-1 Rbi, Chloe Schanuel 1-3.

WP-Miranda Schulte IP-7.0 H-2 R-0 ER-0 BB-1 K-13

Class 1A Marissa Regional – First round

Gibault: Lexi Chambers 2-4 2B, Lexi Poepper 2-4 2B Rbi, Meagan Bernal 1-4, Josie Hooten 1-2, Mary Clare Murphy 1-2 Rbi, Ashlyn Wightman 1-4 2B Rbi-2.

LP-Sidney Wightman IP-6.0 H-13 R-8 ER-5 BB-3 K-2

Dupo: Reagan Carner 3-4 Hr Rbi.

WP-Reagan Carner IP-6.0 H-7 R-4 ER-2 BB-3 K-4

Class 2A Mater Dei Regional – First round

LP-Hutchinson IP-0.0 H-0 R-0 ER-0 BB-0

Wesclin: Julia Friederich 2-4 Hr Rbi-2, Courtney Lercher 2-3 2B Rbi, Lauren Rakers 2-4 2B-2 Rbi, Kelsey Bray 1-3 2B Rbi, Karaghan Daiber 1-3 Rbi-2.

WP-Karaghan Daiber IP-5.3 H-3 R-0 ER-0 BB-2 K-11

Triad: Shyla Schweppe 3-4 3B Rbi, Jenna Bohnenstiehl 2-4 Rbi, Liz Young 2-4 3B Rbi-2, Dallas Zirkelbach 2-4 3B Rbi, Payton Bode 1-4 Rbi, Kailey Daniel 1-4, Isabelle Lehan 1-4, Caroline Lehan 1-2.

WP-Liz Young IP-7.0 H-3 R-0 ER-0 BB-1 K-4

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