South Maui Community Park options to be presented next Thursday, from 4:30 to 7 p.m. Feb. 7 at the Kenolio Recreation Center, 131 S. Kihei Road. | Kihei Community Association | Maui, Hawaii

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Do you have an opinion on the future development of our expanding community park?

The Parks and Recreation Department will offer three concepts for the undeveloped portion of the South Maui Community Park at a public meeting at the Kenolio Recreation Center, 131 S. Kihei Road, from 4:30 to 7 p.m. on February 7th. 

All of the proposed concepts include a small, outdoor amphitheater; open space; walking paths; sports courts; a sports field and more parking, said parks department planner David Yamashita.

The differences among the three plans are the amount of open space, type of sports fields, amount of parking and other recreational improvements, all of which affect the cost, said Yamashita.

One of the main issues is the slope and shallow topsoil depth with dense blue rock below. To reduce development costs, the amount of excavation and grading needs to be minimized, he said. This means, for example, developing a soccer field, which requires a large flat area, will be more expensive; therefore a soccer field may not be included in the plans due to costs.

At the meeting, the county’s Department of Parks and Recreation will provide sketches of the concepts and times at which point Kihei residents may talk with the project’s design team and county staff. Interested Maui residents may attend at any point of the open house.

The master plan update focuses on the undeveloped portion of the park, between the new, under-construction South Maui Gymnasium and East Welakahao Road.

After the open house, consultants and the project advisory committee will work with the department to select a concept and finalize the design. A second open house will present the final master plan, then the consultant team will start designs and construction drawings.

For more information, contact David Yamashita by phone at 808-270-6508 or email

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