Solaris Sports ClubSolaris Sports Club

If your goal is to lose fat, build muscle, become better skilled at your sport, or to simply feel good, a gym was made to help you get there! At gyms like Solaris Sports Club, you’re given:
• Fitness/Training
• Adult and Youth Sports
• Tennis Programs
• Kids Camps
• And so much more…

A gym can feel like a safe place, a place to go to stick to your goals, and a place to meet new people
Why it’s important to stay motivated and go back to the gym:

• To achieve your set goals: Whether you’ve decided that it’s time to lose any added pounds and achieve a leaner and fit body, one of the main reasons many people go to a gym is to work on their set goals toward a healthier lifestyle.
• To stay fit & healthy: Setting up a gym membership and putting time and effort into going to a gym everyday automatically sets you on a path to healthy living. You’ll find that going to a gym will not only transform the way your body looks, but you’ll notice that in time, the way you feel day-to-day and the way you treat yourself will begin to change in a positive way.
• To learn how to play competitive sport: You’ll find through research and word-of-mouth that several gyms and clubs like Solaris Sports Club offer the chance for children and adults to learn, join, and play in a variety of sports activities. Young children are given the opportunity to learn and grow with the advantages of understanding sportsmanship, leadership, and teamwork all while enjoying the fun of the game.
• Meeting old friends and new people: The gym is a great way for people to get out there and explore their surroundings. It’s also a great place for people to meet, talk, and catch up with one another. It’s a friendly work-hard environment that keeps you aware of both yourself and the people around you.
• Physical Therapy: Most people who join a gym do it for the health of their physical state; this is especially true when people are going through physical therapy due to surgery or through recommendation by a doctor.

Going to a gym is not only a way for us to get in better physical shape; it is a place for us to feel mentally prepared to take on each and every day. Whether you like to wake up early and go to the gym in the morning or end the day with a good game of tennis, Solaris Sports Club is a gym that has made its schedule in order to fit around your busy day.

Solaris Sports Club offers something for everyone:
• Elite personal training center
• State-of-the-art fitness equipment
• Dynamic group fitness classes
• Yoga, Pilates and Martial Arts
• Expert fitness staff
• World class tennis instruction
• Healthy smoothie bar
• Private locker rooms with sauna and towel service
• Quality childcare and children’s programming
• Warm, inviting environment
• Party and event rentals

Do something today that your future self will thank you for. When you feel like quitting, think about why you started.

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