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Our social media marketing course explains the importance of good quality visual content. Not only images, but also video, and infographics.

Social media is a crowded space. There’s lots going on and many things are vying for our attention. A social media post with a visual element to it is 10 times more likely to achieve engagement.

Images and video are considered to be a good draw on social media because our brains respond favourably to colour and movement, compared with “static” words.

We also process visual information more quickly than we do written material.

Visual content done properly adds meaning to words and can effectively convey emotion or evoke an atmosphere.

Studies suggest that most of us only remember about 10% of what we hear after three days.

But, the same research finds that people are able to recall about 65% of material after three days, if it features a relevant image.

This is important when it comes to building a brand and achieving traction with your social media marketing messages. Using only text is inefficient.

What type of visual content should  consider?

Four main categories of content are most relevant to us:

If you are running a social media campaign to support a product-based business, images are the perfect way to illustrate what you do.

For example, a bespoke cake-maker could post pictures of their latest creations, or a flower shop could use pictures of floral arrangements it has supplied to customers.

Service companies can also benefit from good pictures.

For example, a professional car valeter could upload before-and-after pictures of vehicles they’ve worked on, to show what a difference their skills and expertise are able to make.

On a larger scale, a firm of architects could take pictures of the buildings they have worked on, or use computer generated graphics to showcase their work.

Photos are the easiest content for you to create, either by taking your own or using one of the many stock image websites on the internet.

Before you download any image, you should check to make sure it is licensed for reuse

Copyright laws are strict and the penalties severe. You should definitely not download and use random images found in Google searches.

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