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Leverage the Social Media Digital Landscape

Discover the power of living and breathing all things social! Engage your prospects with your brand and drive indirect sales by leveraging social signals for your business online!

We Create Social Media Signals for Your Business

More than 70% of all Internet users engage in social media on a daily basis. Any business that is serious about increasing its exposure, and ultimately generating more sales, needs to connect and engage with this audience.

Social media has created plenty of opportunities for businesses to add relevant content, influence search results, induce brand awareness, and increase active engagement with their customers. Whether its Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram or YouTube, we will manage your social awareness, create campaigns and engage your customers and prospects.

Independent of whether or not you currently have a social media presence for your business, we will help you to make the most of this effective and dynamic marketing medium. Our engaging team of experts will work with you to cover all aspects of social media marketing on the aforementioned sites, ranging from custom tabs and application development to fully managed campaigns.

Benefit from Your Social Media Audience & Presence

Learn how to utilize your existing (or non-existing) social media audience towards your business advantage

Participating in social conversations through regular Facebook updates, daily tweets, blog posts, and image sharing on Pinterest will result in increased visibility. These efforts will generate social signals, which in turn strengthen your overall search engine rankings. Your participation in topical conversations will raise your profile which will bring your company to the “top of mind” when it comes time to purchase your products and services.

The latest research shows that users who follow you on social networks are more inclined towards a faster buying decision and intent to purchase. This occurs due to the established relationship and the feeling that they know your company – it yields fewer questions and less convincing to proceed with the purchase.

Social media networks are a relatively new marketing medium, but they certainly enhance a company’s engagement with its clients all while promoting its offerings. Sharing content and images will engage and retain existing clients, and can also go a long ways towards building a strong following and attracting new clients.

Distributing, syndicating and sharing great content will help you become established as a leader in your industry for your specific products or services. Social media users usually trust people that they know and widely accept recommendations made by friends, family and colleagues. Facebook likes, shares and content views, re-tweets and image sharing are different forms of recommendation for your brand/company.

Social Media Marketing for Businesses

Many businesses ONLY promote their products or services, which makes for very dull and tedious reading. To maximize user engagement and potential interest in joining the conversation or simply ‘following’ your daily activities, we supplement these promotions with lots of engaging content, and make sure engagement is natural. We talk about:

  • Promotion of your products or services
  • Details about your business
  • Tips, tricks, helpful hints or trivia about your industry
  • Famous quotes
  • Custom designed images posted to Facebook & Twitter
  • Latest news and topical posts about current affairs
  • Funny one-liners
  • Thoughts for the day
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Witty film quotes
  • Re-tweets of interesting tweets by other users (twitter only
  • Interesting facts
  • Links or facts about technology, science or environment
  • Confucian quotes
  • Details of your sales or promotions
  • Proverbs
  • Questions that make you think
  • Useful website recommendations (other than your website)
  • Basically anything that keeps your followers interested


Increase awareness of your company online by generating leads and indirect sales using social media marketing channels.

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