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When it comes to social media marketing, most people market online in the traditional way through overloading their social media profiles with sales and promotions. This doesn’t work anymore. The new way of marketing focuses on building relationships with people, engaging and identifying with people’s problems, providing value and sharing stories.

“People don’t buy products; people buy people.”

Let’s look at how to build your presence as a business online. Social media marketing is composed of 3 stages. Social, Media and Marketing. Let’s look at each one.

#1 Social – The first thing to note down is to Engage on social media. Through engaging with people, you are establishing trust and important relationships with them. Conducting a market research to find out who the audience is and what do they want also means interacting with people. There are many ways to interact with people, for instance on Facebook you can chat with people through fan-pages, group pages, private messages and more. Asking questions is a great way to have people telling you what they want. Furthermore sharing your experiences and stories with others will create great relationships.

#2 Media – This stage is all about the content that you publish. The most important thing to know when publishing content through social media is Value. You don’t want to be constantly promoting or selling your products. People may start to lose interest because you are asking for too much rather than giving.Social Media iconsThere’s the 80/20 rule, in which 80% of your content should be providing valuable material. Such can include article blogs, free tips, and videos, free e-books, entertainment, inspirational quotes, etc. Then 20% can be put into offering some sale or promotion. This way you are giving way more than you are asking for and your customers will respect you more for this.

#3 Marketing – The final stage involves Awareness which is putting yourself and your business out there on social media so that people know that you exist. An organic (free) way to increase awareness for instance on Facebook is to gain page likes on your fan page. A great way to do this when starting off is to invite all your existing friends from your personal profile to join your fan page.

The paid way of increasing awareness is to use paid advertisement. For example Google, Ad Words, Bing Ads, Banner Ads, Facebook ads, etc. Ads are great because you can target a wide spectrum of people with different demographics such as age, interests, location, etc.

Remember the three aspects in Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Considerations

Here are five important considerations you should take into account before embarking on your first social media project.

Taking time to consider these questions in advance of implementing a social media marketing plan rather than blindly jumping on the bandwagon of social media, your effort is more likely to be rewarded; your campaigns will be more targeted and reach the right audience, and you will avoid social media burnout.

Benefits Of Using Social Media Marketing.

If you have not heard of social media, I am sorry to say that you have been living under a rock. Like a huge rock, in a cave in the middle of nowhere.

Seriously, social media is the hottest thing on the market today since the ultra-hot jalapeno chili sauce that you ate during your trip to Mexico. It is used by almost everyone on planet earth today, from children to the elderly, men and women alike. Imagine this – reaching out to everyone on social media platforms for your business – treating them as potential customers.

Caught your attention yet? Now you might think, “hey, why haven’t I thought of that before?”. Well now you know, social media is a great platform for you to reach out to millions of potential customers worldwide.

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