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Our social media marketing course explains how to use Pinterest for business.

Pinterest was founded by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra and Evan Sharp. CEO Ben Silbermann summarised the company as a “catalogue of ideas” that inspires users to get involved in various projects, rather than an image-based social network like Instagram.

Pinterest is a “pinboard” for images, where you “Pin” images to “Boards”, which you create to cover topics that you are interested in. You can have as many Boards for your Pins as you want. 

A Pin is an image or video that someone chooses to save on one of their Pinterest Boards. For businesses, the link attached to an image is more important than the image because this links the person who clicks on the image back to the original source, driving people to a business’s website or blog.

Pinners can follow someone’s entire account, or just one or more of their Boards.

Why use Pinterest for business?

Pinterest has 200 million monthly users and there are over 100bn Pins

Over 60% of Pinners say they discovered a new product on Pinterest. Over 90% of Pinners use Pinterest to plan new purchases, and 50% make purchases after viewing the Pins.

Success stories show that Pinterest increases business significantly. Eat Smarter gained a twelvefold increase in referral traffic and a sixteenfold growth in impressions.

How to use Pinterest

Setting up Pinterest for private or business use is much the same:

However, for business it is best to start with a Pinterest business account, which is also free, or convert a private to a business account, because you then have access to analytics and other useful features.

Here are tips to make Pinterest work better for business:

The image

The description

Remember to:

Use analytics to see how you are doing

As with all other social media for business, it is vital to follow your progress with analytics so you can see what to change and what to keep.

You can use Pinterest’s Analytics which come with your business account, or you can add Pinterest to Hootsuite if you are using it for all your other social media.

Here is how to use Pinterest Analytics:

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