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Social Media MarketingHave you resisted social media for your business long enough and now you are ready to dive in but don’t know where to start? Have you set up business social media profiles already and need some help adding consistent branding images and professional summaries? We can help get you connected. From building profiles from scratch and providing regular updates on the big three (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) and others you desire, we can manage all of your social media marketing.

For those who are are comfortable posting updates we can help create a strategic plan for updates and create custom Facebook landing pages, custom Twitter backgrounds and LinkedIn banners. Having consistent images that increase brand awareness on all platforms helps build professional credibility.

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Standard Social Media Image Sizes

The only thing that is consistent about social media platforms is change. Following are the image dimensions for the top social media platforms. You will find Facebook cover image sizes and the profile image size along with many other popular social media graphic dimensions as they are posted right now. We will do our best to keep the most current dimensions listed here and include the date when revisions are made.

• Cover Photo 851 x 315 pixels
• Profile Picture 160 x 160 pixels
• Uploaded Photos should be 470 pixels wide for best news feed view
• Videos should be 504 x 283 pixels for maximum benefit
• Featured Images in link posts should be 470 x 246 pixels

• Header Image 1,500 x 500 pixels
• Profile Photo 200 x 200 pixels
• Shared Videos 480 x 360 pixels
• Shared Link/Photo 499 pixels max width

• Cover Photo:
      For Company page: 646 x 220 pixel high
      For Personal page: 400 x 425px
• User Profile Photo 240 x 240 pixels for paid users, 200 x 200 pixels for free accounts
• Shared Links featured image will display at 442 x 238 pixels

• Images on Main Page are 236 pixels wide — height varies
• Profile Photo 200 x 200 pixels
• Pin page expands photos to a maximum of 736 pixels

Google+ Cover

• Cover photo size is 2120 pixels wide x 1192 pixel high
or 1080 pixels wide x 607 pixels high
• Profile Photo 250 x 250 pixels
• Shared Images display at 426 pixels wide
• Shared Link full width thumbnail 426 x 255 pixels

• Channel Art Photo 1,546 x 423 pixels
• Profile Photo 100 x 100 pixels minimum

• Profile Photo 110 x 110 pixels
• Photos in feed display at 510 x 510 pixels
• Cover Photo is a mix of your uploaded photos
• Instagram photos are square (keep that in mind)

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The first consideration with social media marketing is knowing which social media websites and applications your business should be participating in. Of all the social media marketing sites available which ones will you find your audience on? Snapchat, Linkedin, Twitter? Right now (2015) Tweens are on Instagram and posting Vines, the Senior demographic still love their Facebook. Hobbyist frequent Pinterest, specific online forums and discussion groups. Social media marketing begins with finding out where your audience is and get in front of them.

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