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Social Media Marketing is a vital component of a businesses’ marketing strategy.  As a full-service Social Media Marketing Agency, MAC5 offers Social Media Marketing services and Consulting on popular social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and more.

Social Media Marketing at its’ core, brings an opportunity for Businesses to truly engage with clients on a more personal level than ever before. Having said that, social media over the last ten years has become one noisy jungle out there – so what’s a business to do to stand out?

Marketing your business through Social Media ultimately can add a boost for your bottom line or become one big waste of time.  It all depends on how you use it!  The mindset of simply “doing” social media for your business because you think you should, isn’t enough any more.  Without an effective and focused social media strategy driving your approach, social media marketing can be time draining, distracting and all too often prove frustrating for the average small business owner.

If optimized and strategically deployed, the return on investment or ROI from social media marketing (in both time and money) is measurable and, more importantly, scalable.  Imagine taking small every day actions and seeing big results!

But who has the time?

For most Small Business owners the idea of posting, tweeting, blogging and generally hanging out online can be more than a little overwhelming and confusing. When will you find the time to run your business and deal with your customers?  Without a solid social media strategy guiding your efforts, Marketing on Social is one giant ball of confusion.

Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Blogs.. we get it.  Yes they all sound cool and they all COULD have a place in your marketing mix – but SHOULD they?  Are they truly relevant to your business model?  How should your content differ for Facebook as opposed to Instagram?  Where does your ideal customer hang out?  If you knew, wouldn’t it make sense to show up there too?

Focus, not frustration!

By focusing on simple core factors like your brand, target audience and realistic goals MAC5 will research & create a compelling Social Media Strategy for your business.  Our experienced team will then bring this concept to life by leveraging the right channels to reach and engage your ideal clientele.  One size does not fit all!  Drawing from years of experience, we deliver a proven, unique approach to expand your audience and help your Business grow.

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