Social Media Marketing Fees

Social Media Marketing Fees : Beware of rip offs!

Social Media Marketing is one of those specialist fields which a lot of people don’t understand and are therefore quite scared of. There are literally hundreds of companies out there offering these services and not all at the same level either. Some of these companies just sign you up to exorbitant monthly contracts, charging an enormous amount in social media marketing fees, and do very little or in some cases nothing for your brand. I’ve heard business owners complain about their social media agencies posting incorrect details to their social networks, offensive comments, it is like the wild west out there for some! And because the client has limited knowledge, they just pay and hope the pain will go away.

I don’t know how many of you saw this ? Do yourself a favour and have a read … it makes me so angry to think this is what we are all paying rates, fines, electricity and water tariffs, etc. for in Durban – to have the Municipality pay a ludicrous amount of money to a Social Media Company for 10 days work that could be undertaken by ANYONE in this industry if the posts so far are anything to go by!

This when the Communications Department already employs 50 experts, some in social media, web, etc.

Talk about the gravy train!

So … as always … buyer beware … keep your wits about you and don’t be ripped off with crazy social media marketing fees by your agencies.

I must say this thing has made me so angry it makes me want to boycott the #welovedurban campaign rather than support it!  It gives an industry I love and that does so much positive for so many businesses and brands a terrible name!  Rest assured we are not all like the company in the article!  Some of us do good, passionate work for a fair fee!  Don’t judge us all by this example.

I wonder am I the only one?

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