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Social Media Marketing Services

Social media fuels your fan base. It provides opportunity to interact with customers on a personal level, while building trust and earning their loyalty.

That said social media marketing is a time consuming process. Not only should you post updates and share links frequently, you should also reply to comments, likes and messages and interact with your customers. You should engage other business pages, and stay on-trend with trending #hastags and topics. That’s where we come in. We are social media marketing mavens. We masterfully handle social media on your behalf so that you can focus on running your business.

When performing social media marketing, we post on your behalf as if we are you so it looks like the posts are coming directly from your business. We are your brand ambassadors and we represent the personality of your business. Whether you are looking for lighthearted, informal conversations or you would rather stick to technical terms, we can impeccably match your brand tone—and we will always make sure to uphold your brand image and guidelines. We learn about your competitors and what they are doing in the industry. We understand the lifestyle of your customers so that we post engaging content that appeals to their interests. We go beyond simple sales-y updates and create connections that are meaningful to your business both organically, and through paid advertising.

Social Media Marketing Services:

Social Media Marketing Strategy

If you have an existing social media strategy in place, but it’s not giving you the results you had hoped for, or you need us to build a social strategy from scratch, this is the service for you. We thoroughly evaluate your current efforts and develop a specific plan to help you reach social media marketing goals.

Profile Setup or Revamp

We learn about your business and use our expertise to select which social media sites we think you should be a part of (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google Plus), and then create or update profiles for a consistent social media presence. It is always the best practice to choose the social profiles based on your target audience. The number of social profiles we maintain and the frequency depends on our budget. We rather do a few social profiles extremely well, and build a good presence. You can always add more in to the mix, and with the way social media is constantly changing, there may even be a brand new platform to consider.

Cover Photo Design

Social media profile images can be a customer’s first impression of your business. Your cover images need to send the best message. We create eye-catching cover photos for social media accounts that will flawlessly showcase your business.

Social Media Image Design

Pictures receive a lot more attention on social media sites. Our graphic designers are pros at creating alluring infographics, images, and quote graphics that are just screaming to be shared. We can also design custom ad images to make your marketing dollars go further.

Video Production for Social Media

Social media is a very visual platform, and video is a great way to communicate your message. Video also shows up favorably in the search engines. We create or maintain social Video Channels to house your collection of video content.

Social Media Management & Calendars

Once everything is up and running, the real work begins: keeping your social media profiles fresh with new content and relevant updates. Our full-service social media management service makes sure your page stays interesting and your followers stay engaged.

We know what’s up when it comes to social media. Not only do we know which social media sites you should use based on your specific offerings, we also know the best times to post updates based on your target audience and how many posts are okay before your followers start to get mad. We know how make a positive impact with social media for your business.

Contact us today to learn more about our social media marketing services—we can’t wait to help you increase your brand awareness, drive more traffic to your site, and build lasting relationships with your customers.

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