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Social media, compromising a massive number of sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Tumblr are an essential part of attracting customers to your services, attracting attention to your products and creating customer loyalty. However, attracting attention to your posts can be extremely difficult: some industries just aren’t very interesting to Joe Public.

However, all it takes to make your social media special is getting the right staff. While nearly everybody is running a social media account for their company these days, only a few will reach the public because they put some thought into their social media strategy: taking advantage of recent news topics and trends, responding quickly to social media users and keeping your content consistent with your company aims.

What makes social media important is that it not only opens up a second avenue for customer support, but can also provide an opportunity to show off just how great your services are to potential customers. Responding quickly to customer support tickets in public shows how seriously your staff takes good customer support, an attitude that many customers will appreciate.

69% of customers believe fast resolution of the problem is vital to good service, making social consumer support invaluable. Clearly, social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have evolved to become more than emergent platforms for marketing and advertising. Consider Chetaru; we have a lot of experience with running social media accounts on popular social media sites, and our dedicated social media staffers have the spark that can set your social media presence alight.

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