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Social Media MarketingSocial media marketing can be a powerful part of your marketing strategy when implemented and deployed well. But what does social media marketing involve? For social media to be beneficial to your organization it begins with growing an audience of targeted people that would be your ideal clients.

There are many ways that this is accomplished, but one key factor is consistent content of interest. Which brings us to the second component of social media marketing – content distribution. Finally when you have your ideal audiences attention, and you’re delivering interesting consistent content, then it is time to engage and get the conversation progressing. This is process which is continuously in motion.

The Challenge You Face In Your Business

  • No time, resources or expertise to invest in social media
  • Poor results from investment into social media
  • No clear success metrics supporting a social strategy
  • Lack of a consistent manageable strategy

Social Media Marketing Reality..

Most businesses struggle with social media. From not understanding how to engage to not having a clear understanding of purpose, social media can be tough. But social media has great power with influencing your future customers. From recommendations to reviews, to simple reaching out to a persons network, Social Media is now one of the most powerful strategies for growth.

Our Philosophy to Social Media Marketing

Social media is a long term strategy with many benefits ranging from leads and sales to brand recognition. But for social media to be successful, we feel it must have measurable objectives that progress your business forward. From these objectives all other appropriate decisions can be made that drive results.

Our Social Media Marketing Process

From strategy to daily management, from metrics to results, our social media marketing service takes your business to a new level of marketing in the digital age.

Step 1: Define Objectives and Process for Campaign

  • Define goals for your social strategy by channel
  • Create measurable conversion objectives
  • Outline targeting parameters
  • Establish base metrics
  • Identify resources

Step 2: Create Policy, Project Schedule and Creative

  • Establish content plan and schedule
  • Establish social policy
  • Generate content creative
  • Allocate resources
  • Launch campaign

Step 3: Metrics and Optimization

  • Evaluate performance
  • Evaluate channels
  • Refine content
  • Refine strategy
  • Report on performance

Benefits of Social Media Marketing Optimization

  • Competitive Advantage
  • Higher Sale and Lead Volume
  • Increased quality traffic
  • Increased Branding and Recognition
  • Strong Long Term Business Growth

The Next Step to Social Media Relief

The next step to social media optimization to grow sales, and improve your bottom line is to schedule a no obligation consultation. Contact us today to discuss your marketing and measurement needs, challenges, and goals.

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