Social Media Focus, Product Innovation And Customer Insights are the Key Marketing Strategies

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Co-founder and Managing Director, Aman Jain, talks about how their brand Verdure is creating a buzz across the Indian markets through successful social media marketing campaigns, latest product offerings, and comprehensive understanding of end user’s expectations.

In the past year, Verdure has been able to carve a niche for itself as a spa consultancy and a customized solutions provider for domestic and commercial spa applications. While the brand’s agile approach to marketing is the major reason behind its strong growth trajectory and a commanding social media presence, Verdure’s success can also be dedicated to their commitment to introduce new technologies to mass market at affordable prices.

Therefore, it is no surprise that in a short span of time, Verdure has customers such as JW Marriott, Taj, Hyatt, and Wave Infratech. According to the Wellness Manufacturers Founder, Aman Jain, the execution of their successful social media campaign, stemmed from the brand’s clear purpose and voice, as well as a robust social media-led approach to customer engagement.

In addition, conducting a thorough research across multiple social media platforms and improving end-user engagement, Verdure has been able to understand the requirements of the end customer who does not want to go to multiple vendors and rather wants a one-stop solution. To such customers, the brand has evolved itself to be that affordable one-stop solution for enitre Spa and Wellness Equipment related requirements.

“Everyone loved the offerings, and we have evolved organically,” says Aman. “It made people feel relaxed to have one company cater to their entire Spa and wellness requirement or provide hassle-free solutions with newer technologies.”

“Moreover, marketing new technologies such as compact pools, in which a swimming pool can be made without need of plant rooms has also got a number of customers excited,” according to the Co-founder.

About Verdure 

As a one-stop solution for all spa, wellness, luxury and hospitality products, Verdure provides an exclusive and high-end range of spa and wellness products, equipment for Hydrotherapy treatment, Beauty Salon furniture & equipment and other range of products for domestic & commercial users. Further, Verdure Wellness works in conjunction with reputable interiors designers and architects, to create the desired plush spa facility in the client’s commercial space.


Media Contact:
Aman Jain
Director, Verdure Wellness Pvt. Ltd.

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