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October 22, 2018

As 2018 draws closer to its end, and businesses begin preparing for 2019, naturally everyone has been wondering what the hot trends will be in 2019. What are the “can’t miss” strategies that will drive growth for SMBs? And, while we’ll be delivering a full report later in the year, we couldn’t help but give you a sneak peek at our predictions for 2019.

At Vivial, we’re predicting that 2019 will be all about the integration of online, social and mobile marketing. Over the years, many—if not most—businesses have dabbled in one or all of these marketing strategies, but true success in 2019 will be marked by a fully integrated marketing program that incorporates all three. Here, we’ll outline the 3 major components, why they’re so important and how to truly integrate (hint: it’s more than just doing all three).

Online Marketing

No surprise here, but when we’re talking about online marketing, we’re talking about things like having a website, claiming and optimizing your online directory listings, claiming and optimizing your Google My Business profile, content marketing, SEO, SEM, online display, etc. The list of online marketing tactics is quite extensive, but they all support one main goal: helping your business dominate local search.

Why is dominating local search so important? Nearly 75% of consumer purchase journeys begin with search. Not sure how your business stacks up? Take our free online assessment now.

Social Media Marketing

Once thought of as networks used primarily for catching up with old college pals, or sharing pictures of your kids, cats and lunch, social media has fast become a powerhouse influence when it comes to consumer purchase decisions. Fewer platforms are more important as part of an integrated marketing program than Facebook and Instagram. So, for 2019—we’re predicting huge impact from these networks for SMBs.

Why is social media so important for businesses? 78% of consumers surveyed said that companies’ social media posts influenced their purchase decision.

Mobile Marketing

This is one that gets a little confusing for some businesses. What do we really mean when we’re talking about mobile marketing. At its most basic level, when we talk about mobile marketing, we’re talking about optimizing your marketing for mobile devices. Ensure you have a mobile optimized website and mobile optimized display advertising. Make sure you’re utilizing email marketing (since many emails these days are checked via mobile). Optimize your location and Google My Business profile to ensure consumers searching from their mobile device find your business. But mobile marketing is more than mobile optimized digital marketing. It can—and should—also include mobile messaging (SMS, MMS, and now RCS) Take your digital content and connect with consumers on the very device they can’t live without—their smart phone.

Why is mobile marketing so important?Americans check their mobile phones as many as 74 times per day.

The importance of online, social and mobile marketing can’t be refuted. All three have immense and growing importance in the marketing strategies of SMBs everywhere. The difference for 2019, is that SMBs will be looking to fully integrate these methods. No longer can these methods operate in isolation. Full integration—meaning a single platform to handle all three—will be the necessary solution for businesses looking to stand out among their competition. An integrated platform eliminates redundancies, increases efficiency and fully leverages content across these three major players—allowing businesses to truly dominate everywhere their potential customers are searching.

Stay tuned for Vivial’s full 2019 Digital Marketing Trends Report to learn more about online, social and mobile integration, and how it will fuel explosive growth for businesses in 2019.

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