Smart Business is Good Business

Smart Business is Good Business

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Author: GMI Engineered Products
May 10, 2017

The most likely way for a new customer to learn about your business is a referral from a friend or business connection. No other type of marketing or advertising can touch the power of referrals. This has been the driving force of growth for years, decades, and centuries and that means it is your most important form of lead generation.

You do not need to cast a wide net but rather, a selective net through brand loyalty and trust. Build positive impressions with customers, potential clients and your online presence that spills over to their friends and family to generate strong relationships with your brand.

Relationships build the business. A good relationship with your customer is the main priority, but other relationships can be equally beneficial when building word of mouth and forming bonds. Here are a few examples:

Partner up with others who will support and refer business to you
Take time and energy to develop mutually beneficial relationships with key referrers such as other professional individuals and businesses. Think about the type of organization or business that will service customers that will appreciate a referral for a polished concrete specialist.

Consider the possibilities
Don’t limit yourself to organizations or people you know. You have already built a certain number of relationship just through regular practice. Think outside the box. Consider associations and partners that would allow you to be mutually beneficial in an arrangement.

Consider the following:

Strength in numbers of a network with GMI
To grow a strong business you must build a strong network. At GMI we pride ourselves on helping you network with other flooring contractors and professionals. It is important to share new ideas from experiences as often as possible. We offer monthly training that allows you to continue learning and growing meeting new people to grow your network.

Share experiences
Other contractors have encountered situations and issues you have not, and you have solved problems they have not. Take opportunities whenever possible to learn and share information while building relationships that will act as a resource for you in future situations that will arise.

Use products you can stand by
It is important that you have a clear understanding of what your products are and why they are unique before you can successfully talk to customers about them.
Understand why the products you use are the best and how they supersede the competition

Know your great product
Marketing, social media and advertising are all great tools to grow your business but the bottom line is that you need a good strong business at its core. If you do not have a strong base of great tools, communication, and a network to draw wisdom and exchange information, your business will not thrive the way it could. Take time to make sure your foundation is strong and secure. A strong foundation will draw customers to you from word of mouth.

GMI has developed training for our unique and useful products so that you know the ins and outs. We have a system for networking that allows flooring specialists to lean on, learn from and grow with each other to succeed. Contact us today for more information and receive the tools you need to grow a smart business.

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