Severe drought triggers call for water conservation in Maui County

Central Maui. PC: Wendy Osher (6.2.22)

With parts of Maui County under severe to extreme drought conditions, the Department of Water Supply is asking everyone to conserve water as much as possible during the hot, dry summer months.

“The department is not immediately declaring a water shortage, although that step might be necessary in coming weeks without relief from current very dry conditions,” county officials said in a press release announcement.

The National Weather Service reports extreme drought on Maui in the lower leeward slopes of Haleakalā between Māʻalaea and Wailea, and severe drought in Maui’s Central Valley and Upcountry. On Molokaʻi, severe drought worsened to extreme drought on the west side of the island. Lānaʻi has severe drought over most areas.

“Water is a precious resource, especially in an island community,” Mayor Michael Victorino said in the release. “Both residents and visitors can find ways to conserve water. Let’s do our part by taking shorter showers, postponing car washes and reducing other nonessential uses of water.”

The Department of Water Supply reports its two 15-million-gallon Waikamoi Reservoirs empty as of today, with the two 50-million-gallon Kahakapao Reservoirs at 70% capacity and the 50-million-gallon Piʻiholo Reservoir at 91% capacity. Upcountry water usage averages about 8 million gallons per day.

For more information about water conservation, visit the department’s water resources website.

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