SEO Techniques You Can Use in Social Media Marketing

It’s no secret that social media platforms have become an integral aspect of almost every company’s marketing campaign. Nowadays, companies rely on social media to establish a good relationship with their target audience and build visibility, as well as a presence online.

On the other hand, search engine optimization (SEO) has also become mandatory in marketing campaigns. The main reason is that SEO can effectively help companies stand out on a competitive and crowded market. Both of these strategies are designed to build visibility and presence, as well as attract followers or visitors organically.

However, even though social media doesn’t directly impact search engine rankings, it’s still an important factor for SEO. In other words, strategies and efforts your company may use to improve their rankings may also be used to improve your social media presence and exposure. With that in mind, here are a few SEO techniques you can use in social media marketing.

Content is king

The most important factor for both SEO and social media . In SEO, content helps establish the authority of your website, as well as boost your rankings for relevant keywords. What’s more, top-quality content is one of the main reason customers will want to visit your website in the first place.

As for social media, content delivers value to your audience and encourages them to follow you on social media networks. However, not just any content will drive the best results. Your content will have to be exceptional for that to happen. For example:

  • Your content must be of top-quality
  • Highly relevant to your audience
  • Informative
  • Educational
  • Entertaining
  • Enriched with stunning visuals
  • Consistent

The better the content you produce, the more followers you’ll have on social media and more website visitors as well.


SEO activities help companies build exposure and awareness, as well as help them get the right kind of recognition from their audience. SEO activities, such as guest posting and link building are designed to establish authority and relevance for a company’s website, thus generate more organic and qualified website traffic. The same principle can be applied to social media marketing.

The key is to promote quality content, in order to reach a broader audience and attract more followers who may eventually become leads. Not only that but content that goes viral tends to create good publicity for a company, which also influences search engine rankings in a way.

One of the best ways to apply SEO techniques for building exposure on social media is to make an effort to . Like reputable and relevant sources, such as websites or blogs, for guest posting or link building, social media influencers carry weight with the target audience. If an influencer endorses your company or your content on social media, it’s bound to be noticed by your audience, as well as have a major impact on them.

SEO friendly posts

One of the major factors in ensuring good rankings is optimizing content on your website to be SEO friendly. Through on-page audits, you help both users and website crawlers understand both the context and content of your pages. You can do the same on social media.

As mentioned before, viral content on social media doesn’t go unnoticed by search engines but you must help search engines understand what to look for first. Although social media presence may not directly impact rankings, it’s still a factor search engines won’t ignore. Therefore, use on-page SEO techniques to and make them SEO friendly. As an example:

  • Optimize title tags for your posts
  • Ensure a friendly URL
  • Create a compelling anchor text
  • Include relevant keywords

Therefore, when search engines analyze your social media posts, they’ll see the connection between social media influence and your SEO. That way, the visibility of your company on social media and search engines will improve.


Ensuring good rankings on search engines is a time-consuming process. You must constantly improve your efforts and maintain your activities, in order to rank well and maintain your position. That requires a certain level of consistency. is also vital for social media marketing.

The main reason is that if you don’t engage with your audience regularly, your efforts will be in vain and your followers will lose interest. The same goes for SEO. If you don’t build backlinks, post content or update your keyword strategy, you’ll lose rankings. That’s why consistency is important and must be applied for both strategies. Here’s how to maintain consistency on social media.

  • Post new and engaging content regularly.
  • Engage in conversations with your audience on a daily basis.
  • Always respond professionally and on time on either positive or negative comments.
  • Mindfully repurpose old content.
  • Encourage shares, likes, comments etc. through rewards.

The more you engage with your audience, as well as ensure their engagement, the more successful your marketing efforts will be.

SEO consists of various techniques and strategies that can help your company stand out in the crowded market. These methods can also be applied to boost your social media marketing and presence. However, the key is to have the right strategy in place, in order to ensure the success of both campaigns.

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