SEAT Conference: Picturing The Biggest Ideas in Sports Entertainment

SEAT Conference: Picturing The Biggest Ideas in Sports Entertainment

ImageThink has hundreds of conferences and tradeshows and under our belt, and those engagements cover a wide range of industries and subjects, from tech, to entertainment, to marketing, to social media, to entertainment. Sometimes those anchors of content intersect around strongly knit communities, which brings us to our work with the Sports Entertainment and Technology Conference, otherwise known as SEAT.

The SEAT conference hosts a variety of high-profile visitors under its roof each year: C-Level executives, tech sponsors, social influencers, sports and entertainment professionals, and IOT specialists, just to name a few. Their aims are to share knowledge, problem solve , build relationships, and add to the conversations that are happening in sports entertainment.

Image of SEAT conference goals and best practices

Graphic recording of SEAT attendees’ intentions

SEAT founder and CEO Christine Stoffel wanted to find a way to get make the conference’s keynote and session content come alive and bring a new level of engagement to the event’s attendees. She contacted ImageThink in 2017 to support their Atlanta engagement.

Three days, three ImageBoard towers, and nearly a thousand excited guests later, SEAT had months of social media content to create buzz for the next year. Our ImageBoards were an a vital asset for attendees who couldn’t attend every session during the multi-track event. For many there, it was their first encounter with graphic recording and visual taking.

Image of Twitter post displaying a graphic recording mural by ImageThink

Our visual summary from last year’s conference, retweeted by the SEAT social media team.

Partnering Back Up In The Lone Star State

We were pleased to reconnect with the SEAT team in Dallas for their 2018 conference. Our previous collaboration helped set our second run up with a healthy supply of enthusiasm, trust, collaboration, and… custom  jerseys?

Picture of the back of a jersey with sponsor logos

SEAT provided branded event apparel for our graphic recorders during the conference.

Our mission was to heighten attendee engagement, and to create a visual summaries of some of the key ideas surrounding innovations in venue tech, fan engagement, 5G internet connections, and the rapidly growing community and commerce of e-sports.

Image of esports conversation. Picture of gamers, streaming services, and industry dynamics

Our capture of a conversation about the dynamics and relationship within esports.

eSports: The Next Frontier In Sports Entertainment

Whether you’re still scratching your head at the term “eSports” or a die-hard fan at the Overwatch Finals in Brooklyn, it’s a reality that online and console gaming is planting a flag in the space that was once relegated to more traditional sports. Video game pros are training in the same facilities as professional football players. Prize money for high-stakes tournament wins regularly top over the $1 million mark.

What does this mean for team owners? Who are the celebrities and faces of this paradigm shift? Are fan video streams the new standard for sports viewing? These are some of questions that point back to this dynamic intersection between video games and the established norms associated with sports.

Being in the middle of these conversations was not only an opportunity to us reflect them back to the attendees visually— it was also an opportunity to learn about more of the moving parts that are involved in this burgeoning industry.

A small crowd near a mural tower.

The Gaylord Texan resort foyer was a perfect place to build an Image Board tower.

It’s not unusual for us to use “neutral spaces” in conferences as a home for our Image Boards after a session wraps, but it’s still a novelty to get the opportunity to elevate our work to new heights. The Gaylord Texan Resort in Dallas provided ample room for us to build info towers that not only activated the space, but provided an illustrated index of the big topics of the event.

Here, attendees got to catch up on sessions that they missed while networking, and speakers had a tool to review their talking points during the conference breaks. Additionally, and not to be understated, the towers and gallery displays made for some excellent photo ops.

Man posing next to an infographic mural

Speaker from a morning panel about global markets posing next to our visual summary of the talk.

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