Sculpture of Marianne Cope installed at UH Maui campus to inspire nurses

Sculpture of Marianne Cope, also known as Saint Marianne of Molokaʻi, installed and blessed at UHMC. PC: University of Hawaiʻi Maui College

A sculpture of Marianne Cope, also known as Saint Marianne of Molokaʻi, was installed and blessed this past weekend on the University of Hawaiʻi Maui College, Kahului campus.

The statue is located in the grassy area behind the Pilina and Laulima buildings.

The work was made by Dale Zarrella and honors the college’s nursing students, nurses, and nursing program.

Saint Marianne Cope, who worked with Father Damien on Molokaʻi and was canonized several years ago, was Maui’s first nurse at Maui’s first hospital.

“I’ve always felt there should be a statue on Maui to honor Marianne Cope,” said Zarrella. “Nurses are the heroes of our time and it’s an honor to have the statue here on the UHMC campus.”

Dennis and Michelle Kleid, who have donated generously to the college’s nursing program, funded the sculpture.

“We felt a gift to inspire nursing, in general, and one that symbolizes the nurses who give everything they have to their patients and fellow nurses would be such a nice tribute,” said Dennis Kleid.

“This gift is a win-win for the donors, the nursing program, and the community,” said Jocelyn Romero Demirbag, Director of Development, Maui Nui.

“Michelle and her mother were both nurses so honoring Maui’s first nurse has deep personal meaning for them. The program can’t help but be inspired by the opportunities that the Kleids’ donation makes possible and that leads to a community who has the best nursing care in its time of need. We are all so grateful to the Kleids for this gift.”

Cope was declared a saint in October of 2012.

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