Sausage Sports Club Review

Sausage Sports Club Review – Dumb Fun

by Joshua on August 6th, 2018 in Nintendo Switch Reviews

The Steam Problem

There are a lot of great indie local multiplayer games that have shown up on Steam. Titles like Duck Game, Ultimate Chicken Horse, and Screencheat take unique ideas and make them tons of fun for all players. The only problem is that having all of these games on a computer becomes cumbersome when you’re trying to play with your friends on the same display.

That’s where the Nintendo Switch has taken these party games and made them more enjoyable. Games like Overcooked and Astro Duel Deluxe are more fun because they’re much easier to set up with multiple people playing at a time. Now that Sausage Sports Club has made its way to the Switch, it falls into this category as well.

Not the Olympics

Sausage Sports Club is a simple game to understand. You take control of different animals that are all built to look like sausages with limbs and partake in a series of a handful of modes that see you competing with your friends over an objective. There’s Capture the Flag, Sumo, and even Soccer. It’s these game modes that are the core of Sausage Sports Club. The twist here is that everything is physics-based and all of the animals are extremely floppy.

It’s not hard to imagine the kinds of cheap laughter that Sausage Sports Club under these pretenses alone and, let me be the first to tell you, it’s all kinds of hilarious. The right joystick is even mapped to wiggle your animal’s neck around. It doesn’t do anything or help you compete in the arenas any better- it’s just there to be funny, and it’s that sense of humor that I love about this game.

Going on an Adventure

Launching with the Nintendo Switch version is the Adventure Mode for Sausage Sports Club. In it, you and your friends and dropped in a small, open environment where various animals require help in different ways. It could be something as trivial as taking them to someone just across the courtyard or playing a brief round of hide and seek. Whatever the quest is, it always ends with a battle in one of the aforementioned modes.

While it doesn’t have a large amount of depth, the Adventure Mode is a nice change of pace if all you’re doing with your friends is playing the arena games. You’re also rewarded in the Adventure Mode with coins you can use to purchase hats for your characters. It’s a barebones mode, but it has plenty of charm (and led to some of the funniest moments for me).

Reason to Come Back

A complaint that I have with a lot of party games is that there’s no reward for playing. The only reward is the fun itself. The issue here is that the experience gets tiring much sooner. Sausage Sports Club rectifies this error by awarding experience at the end of each arena battle (whether it be in adventure mode or otherwise) that will give players a new unlockable after each level up. Unlockables range from new characters and cosmetics to new stages. There’s also some great variety with the characters that I certainly won’t spoil here.

Sausage Sports Club also takes advantage of the Switch by making it accessible with up to 8 players. While this is a great addition, it also brings up one of my issues with the game. When there are so many players on screen, it becomes a chaotic mess of trying to figure out what is going on. Several times I would lose my character’s place, only to find out that I had been shoved into some spikes in the madness. The stages are quite small and not always built for that many players.

Furthermore, not all of the modes are created equally. Two of the five aren’t all that fun. Without any efficient way to change modes and stages, it can become a bit tiresome to try and vary a play session with your friends.

System reviewed on: Nintendo Switch.

Disclaimer: A review code for Sausage Sports Club was provided by Luckshot Games.

Sausage Sports Club is Great

While it has some minor flaws, Sausage Sports Club is exactly the kind of dumb fun that is perfect for multiplayer mayhem. Everything from the wacky character designs to the chaotic modes are ridiculous, but much more enjoyable because of it. Anyone seeking a wacky party game needs this one on their list.

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