[ROUNDUP] Thought Leadership Marketing Week

Last week, Thoughtcast Media hosted the inaugural Thought Leadership Marketing Week!

Diving deeper into the topic each day, we shared a new thought leadership marketing tip, to help you get out in front of your audience, establish a reputation and, in turn, posture your business for more sales.

If you weren’t able to tune in live, we’ve gathered all five videos in one place, just for you!

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Hey, welcome to Thought Leadership Marketing Week.

I’m Paul Gannon. I’m the CEO of Thoughtcast Media, and each day this week, I’ll be bringing you an idea or two for how you can improve your thought leadership marketing.

Today we’ll answer the important question what is thought leadership and why is it so very, very valuable to you and your company?

Now, Wikipedia defines a thought leader as an individual or firm that is recognized as an authority in a specialized field, and whose expertise is sought and rewarded.

In business and marketing, it’s seen as way of increasing or creating demand for a product or service.

Now for our purposes this week, we’ll be talking about thought leadership marketing as a way of using content to define or redefine common business challenges and opportunities in ways that make your products and services seem naturally appealing.

Let me give you a very simplistic example. Let’s say you sell apples. You probably spend a lot of time telling people how tasty your apples are, how they’re good for your health, and so on.

But what if you could help your customers discover the wonders of apples on their own without ever mentioning your own apples? Wouldn’t that be more convincing to your audience and encourage them to seek out a trusted apple vendor? You.

Well, in a nutshell, that’s what thought leadership marketing can do for you.

By talking about how your product fits into a broader understanding of opportunities and challenges facing your customers, you establish yourself as someone who understands industry trends and market realities with the idea that that greater understanding was then used to inform the product and services you provide, making them a natural solution to your customer’s challenges.

Thought leadership marketing is great at the top of your marketing funnel because it helps customers understand their own challenges and opportunities better, and it helps position your company as the obvious solution to those challenges.

So, how do you define thought leadership? Drop me a line in the comments below. I’ll leave a link in the comments section that will take you to our complete library of thought leadership marketing resources on our website.

Don’t forget to share this post with your friends, and be sure to tune in tomorrow when we discuss the different types of ideas or thoughts that you’ll want to promote, where all those ideas come from, and how best to promote them.

From Thoughtcast Media, I’m Paul Gannon.

What is thought leadership marketing?

We started things off with an introduction to thought leadership marketing, why it’s so important, and what thought leadership content might look like.

Welcome to day two of Thought Leadership Marketing Week.

I’m Paul Gannon of Thoughtcast Media. In yesterday’s broadcast, I defined Thought Leadership Marketing and discussed how it helps benefit brands.

We talked about how positioning what you do within the broader framework of industry and market trends can help lead customers to the natural conclusion that your products and services are the right solution for them.

By the way, if you missed yesterday’s video, I’ve put a link to it in the comments section below this post. So, in today’s broadcast, I’ll tell you where to find the ideas you’ll need to fuel your next Thought Leadership campaign.

Now, the first place to look is your favorite search engine. What are people in your market searching for? What questions are they asking? What kind of assistance are they seeking?

When you look for this information, it’s not at all unusual to find questions like: what should I look for in a whatever type of consultant you are? What’s the best way to buy a whatever it is that you sell?

So, this is the low-hanging fruit of Thought Leadership Marketing, because you know that your market is seeking assistance. All that’s left to do is to re-engineer your own messaging to answer the question being asked.

For example, if you pride yourself on providing three Value-Ads to customers as part of every consultant engagement, those three Value-Ads become the answer to the question: what should I look for in an industry consultant? It’s that easy.

Industry reports, market studies, even competitor announcements can provide a great source of Thought Leadership Marketing ideas. Just remember to reverse engineer your messaging to provide the answer to the question.

Here’s another example. Let’s say one of your competitors has just come out with a new feature that you think of as a novelty or non-critical feature. You passed on the feature for your own product because you didn’t think it added a lot of value.

So, some content that discusses the importance of focusing on mission critical functionality, and avoiding gimmicky features, will go a long way toward mitigating your competitor’s advantage, and position your solution over theirs.

Offer the content as a helpful suggestion to the industry and, whatever you do, don’t reference your competitor, even your own company in the content.

In fact, never referring to your own company or products in your Thought Leadership Marketing content, is generally a good idea. It makes your content appear less self-serving, and you appear generous in your helpful advice.

So, what are your favorite sources of Thought Leadership topics? Drop me a note in the comments section below this post. You’ll also find a link there to our complete library of Thought Leadership Marketing resources in the comments section, so check it out. Also, don’t forget to like and share this video with your colleagues.

Finally, be sure to check this space tomorrow for my next video, which I’ll share my big idea for getting all these great ideas out in front of your most important audiences without ever having to write a word. No blog post and no white paper. Sound good?

All right, until tomorrow, I’m Paul Gannon for Thoughtcast Media.

Finding thought leadership content ideas

On Tuesday, we shared some simple tips for finding thought leadership content ideas, along with examples.

You’ll also learn how to reverse engineer your messaging around these content topics, to provide value to your customers without appearing self-serving.

See some thought leadership content examples.

Welcome to day three of Thought Leadership Marketing Week. I’m Paul Gannon of Thoughtcast Media.

In yesterday’s broadcast I shared some ideas from where your thought leadership content ideas may come from and how to position them to favor your products and services.

Now if you missed that episode I’ve put a link to it in the comment section below this video.

I finished yesterday’s broadcast by promising to tell you how to get a lot of thought leadership content out to the market without having to write a word and that is indeed the subject of today’s video.

When thinking of thought leadership market it’s best to keep in mind that the term consists of two separate words or ideas, thoughts and leadership, right?

Thought, leadership, thought, leadership. Customers want to associate themselves with great ideas.

That’s the thought component of the thought leadership equation, but what they really want is to associate themselves with the leaders who are able to take those ideas and bake them into products and services that help them meet challenges and take advantage of opportunities.

So it’s important that you promote not only the ideas, but the leaders, the people at your organization who can take those ideas and turn them into customer benefits, and nothing promotes people like video.

Video lets people connect not only with your ideas, but also with the people behind those ideas. It adds a real personal element to your content that just isn’t possible with the written word.

More importantly, video allows you to share ideas without having to write all those white papers and blog posts that may never get read in the first place.

In yesterday’s episode we talked about where to go for good ideas, but I saved the best source of good ideas for today.

The best source of ideas are the executives and other smart people who work in your company, and video allows you to get those ideas out of their collective heads and into the marketplace with only a couple of notes and some coaching.

Sit them down in front of a camera, ask them to explain and list their trends, answer market questions. Now you may have to coach them so that their answers place your company in the most favorable light, but no white papers or other documents that take time and or money to write, and have to be reviewed by everyone.

You know the drill. So that’s the big secret I wanted to share with you in this video. Video is the perfect medium for thought leadership marketing.

You can use video to save time and money while promoting both the ideas and the leaders behind those ideas. For thought leadership marketing video just can’t be beat.

Now in tomorrow’s episode I’ll tell you exactly how to develop a plan for capturing as much as 18 months worth of thought leadership marketing content in a single day with video.

Well that’s all for today. Don’t forget to like and share this video if you found it helpful to you. Also, I’ve put a link to our complete library of thought leadership marketing resources in the comment section of this post. So check that out.

Finally, be sure to check this space tomorrow for my next broadcast. In it I will tell you exactly how to develop a plan for capturing as much as 18 months of thought leadership marketing content in a single day with video.

Until tomorrow, I’m Paul Gannon for the Thoughtcast Media.

Turn big ideas into thought leadership content

Next, you’ll learn how to get those big, bold ideas out of the heads of your thought leaders and turned into engaging content, with minimal hassle, that will position your brand as a thought leader in your industry.

Learn why thought leadership and video are the perfect match.

Welcome to day four of Thought Leadership Marketing Week. I am Paul Gannon for Thoughtcast Media.

In yesterday’s episode I told you why video is the perfect medium for Thought Leadership Marketing because not only does it promote both the thought and the leader, it replaces all those hard to write white papers, blog posts and other written assets.

Now if you missed that episode I’ve put a link to it in the comment section below this video.

So in this episode I’m going to tell you how to capture as much as 18 months of Thought Leadership video content in a single day so that you can knockout in one fell swoop all the content that you’ll need for a full year or more.

The key to doing this relies on planning and preparation starting with the ideas you wish to promote, how you want to spend them and who will present them on video.

Gather your list of ideas and reverse engineer them to work in your favor like I discussed in Episode Two, run them past the people best suited to present them and coach them on how best to present the ideas.

With regard to that last point, discipline your, Thought leaders, to convey each idea with no more than three bullet points, beyond that people start to ramble and go on-and-on forever.

Why should members of the Widget Industry do this, that, or the other thing? Here’s why, boom, boom, boom. Three items, that’s it.

Next you’ll want to schedule everyone to allow you to capture all your video content in a single day. Make a big deal of it. Set aside a day as, Thought Leadership Video Day, and get everyone to commit their time and energy to this one big day.

Granted it’s not easy to coordinate the schedules of busy executives for a single day’s work but you’ll be thankful you did. Shorter, less serious commitments have a way of getting away from you and the effort you put into a big day of shooting will really pay off.

Set your executives down in front of a camera and ask them to respond to questions regarding, the Thought Leadership issues you’ve chosen.

There’s a lot of information on our website to help you with this stage of the process but it really boils down to just asking your executives to respond to industry questions in a relaxed setting that makes them look like, you know, like they know what they’re talking about.

Again, we have lots of advice on our website on the technology and techniques you can use to accomplish this so be sure to check that out.

As I said, capturing that much content in a single day requires planning and preparation but it can be done and you’ll be happy when the content capture phase of the project is completed allowing you to concentrate on promoting all that great content.

Well that’s all for today. Don’t forget to like and share this video if you found it helpful to you. Also I put a link to our complete library of Thought Leadership Marketing Resources in the comment section of this post so check that out.

Finally be sure to check this space tomorrow for my next broadcast. In it I will discuss the best ways to promote your Thought Leadership Marketing content to achieve the very highest return on investment and that’s what it’s all about, return on investment.

So until tomorrow, I’m Paul Gannon, for Thoughtcast Media.

Thought leadership content production

In this installment, you’ll learn our secret production method for capturing a dozen or more thought leadership videos in single day.

Welcome to day five of thought leadership marketing week. Our last and final day. I’m Paul Gannon for Thoughtcast Media.

In yesterday’s episode I shared some ideas for capturing as much as 18 months thought leadership video content in a single day of shooting.

If you happened to miss that episode I put a link to it and to all the previous episodes in the comments section. It appears below this video.

Now on today’s episode we’ll be discussing how best to promote your thought leadership video content, to get it in front of the right audiences at the right times.

So let’s start with where Thought Leadership video belongs on your website. Remember Thought Leadership videos are typically thought of as top of funnel content. And as such Thought Leadership videos tend to be discovered in response to individual inquiries or concerns.

In other words, people are more likely to be interested, for example, in understanding what the latest industry report really means, rather than understanding your brand’s take on everything having to do with that whole industry right. So it’s individual issues.

At the top of the funnel people have yet to develop a particular interest in you or your brand, they’re more interested in themselves and the challenges that they face.

So, with all this in mind it’s our experience that individual Thought Leadership videos belong on individual optimized landing pages where someone’s interest in the subject of each video can be leveraged to encourage them to move onto the next level of engagement that you have in store for them.

Perhaps you’d like to have them sign up for your newsletter, or receive another piece of related content. Whatever the next level of engagement is that you’d like them to move onto that should be the one clear action that you’d like them to take.

Now there’s nothing wrong with ganging all your thought leadership videos in one location, but in our experience few people at the top of the funnel are especially interested in everything your company has to say about all the challenges facing them, all the people in the industry and so forth.

So Thought Leadership videos also work well on social media, or depending on the platform and the industry, people often looking around for new ideas. It links back to your website or continued engagement in the social media platform itself are great ways to capture the attention and bring people closer to your brand.

Finally, Thought Leadership videos work well in the middle and bottom of you marketing funnel in one to one sales situations.

If your sales rep is speaking to a prospect with a particular interest covered by your latest Thought Leadership video sending that video to them may be just what you need to move that prospect along courting the decision to buy from you.

As far as timing is concerned we recommend releasing your videos as part of the ongoing campaign. Shoot all your video on a single day, as I discussed on yesterday’s video, and then release it on a periodic schedule.

Week to week, month to month, whatever, and don’t forget to time your releases around industry events and known traffic patterns from your website. That’ll help you keep your brand in front of your chosen audience over time and Google loves the regularity too.

Now this may all sound like a lot of work and it is, but it can be done. So if this all seems like a bit too much for you, we have some affordable packaged services that can take care of the whole process for you.

So, be sure to drop us a line if that’s something you’d be interested in exploring.

How about that, I made it to the end of the week before succumbing to the craven self promotion. I’m kind of proud of myself. Well thanks for joining us for Thought Leadership marketing week. I hope you found these five videos helpful to you.

Be sure to like and share this and all the videos in the series with your friends and colleagues and don’t forget to visit our complete library of Thought Leadership marketing materials on our website.

I put a link to all that in the comments section below, check it out. Well, that’s it for me today, until next time, I’m Paul Gannon for Thoughtcast Media.

Thought leadership content promotion

On Friday, we wrapped things up by laying out a few ways to use thought leadership content, not only to build awareness and drive engagement, but to close sales as well.

Thought Leadership Campaign Package

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