Rolo’s Restaurant combines New York culture with food

Rolo’s Restaurant is a neighborhood restaurant located in Ridgewood, Queens. Co-owner and Chef Rafiq Salim wanted to open a restaurant that they would feel happy and comfortable opening right around the corner from where he lives. Being a neighborhood spot also provides more value to the community compared to being in the bigger cities like Manhattan. The cuisine at Rolo’s is a representation of New York’s culture. “We take inspiration from all kinds of places. The goal really was that it all still works together,” says Salim.

One of Rolo’s popular dishes on the menu is their polenta bread, a tender doe with a homemade chili butter spread. Another popular item is their two-sheet lasagna which emulates the top and edges of a normal lasagna. Two-sheets of spinach dough are stuffed with homemade Bolognese sauce and parmesan cheese. It’s topped with nutmeg, more parmesan, olive oil, and pepper. An unexpected dish that became a Rolo’s favorite is their crisp potatoes, war style. Crispy fries are covered in Chef Salim’s father’s peanut sauce, mayonnaise, and chopped onions.

A big part of enjoying New York City is the dining and bar scene. The connection and closeness of the people is what makes the city so special. For more information, please visit!

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