Review: Haiku Salut’s Lamp Show

Not often are this trio from Derbyshire up in Glasgow performing never mind indulging us with their lamp show, a treat for well, most of the senses. However, Haiku Salut performed at Glasgow’s relatively new jazz club, The Blue Arrow to take it away from that for an evening, offering an intimate, usurping evening of aural landscapes, wondrous and majestic noise along with the visually stunning and well-timed rhythmic rotational lights. Sisters, Gemma and Sophie Barkerwood joined Louise Croft on stage in sparkled gold and silver attire, performing tracks from their new album There Is No Elsewhere, as well as their more longstanding releases, astounding us all for an hour or so, as we got lost amidst the sounds and the pretty lights.

Support came in the form of WOLF, Glasgow-based musician Kim Moore, a fine warm up pre-Haiku Salut. Performing soundscapes with titles such as Blood Moon and Glacier, there was an atmospheric flavour to Kim’s music. and it was relished before the Derbyshire lassies hit the stage.

A more intimate setting than the last time I saw Haiku Salut perform, it looked like it might have been a small struggle to fit all the lamps onto that stage. However, not only did they do that, but they performed their wondrous set, no one fixed on any particular instrument. This is what astounds me with this band, the mutual ability to play everything that culminates the affecting sound that Haiku Salut diffuse into the crowd. Performing tracks such as Cold To Crack The Stones, We Are All Matter and Occupy there was obviously the expected plugging of their new record, but they did also play some of the earlier Yann Tiersen inspired tracks from Tricolore, to appeal to their new and old fans. There were many in this room that had been anticipating seeing this Derbyshire lot play for quite some time and I think it’s safe to say that there was little in the way of disappointment in this room.

WOLF was a tremendous support, admittedly at one point using the reverb from the amps to add to her sound, in an improvised fashion, and Haiku Salut, well, they took the rod that WOLF had handed them and heightened the aural atmosphere in that small venue. It was truly a splendid evening for music.

There Is No Elsewhere is currently out via PRAH.

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