Rethinking your commute with TheBus HOLO Card program, Biki bikes

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With the commute to work starting to pick up again, now might be a good time to start reconsidering your mode of transportation! And with the new HOLO card, getting around town is about to get a lot easier.

In July 2021, the City and County of Honolulu’s Department of Transportation Services (DTS) announced the transition to the HOLO card for TheBus passengers, which replaced old paper passes. The HOLO card aims to deliver added convenience for people who ride the bus.

The HOLO card functions as the fare payment that is currently being used on TheBus and will be the primary payment method for rail. The card can be registered under the owner’s name, and loaded with funds to pay for TheBus rides. A simple “tap” with the card on the card reader (located near TheBus drivers and fare box) lets the driver and rider know that they have paid and allowed to board TheBus. The convenience of the HOLO card allows for balance protection against lost or stolen cards, reduces the need to keep track of paper passes, and can be automatically re-loaded when you run out of funds.

For more information about the HOLO card, visit or call (808) 768-4656. You can also find the latest information on riding TheBus online at, or follow on Facebook: @OTSTheBus and Twitter: @OTS_TheBus_HV.

Biki bikes are another great way to save on commute time as well as help the environment. You can find more information on this mode of transportation at You can also follow on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: @gobikihi.

You can get more information on DTS projects and announcements at You can also get the latest updates on Facebook: @hnlcompletestreets, Twitter: @hnldts, or Instagram: @hnl.completestreets.

For more information on Ulupono Initiative, visit Follow on Facebook and Twitter: @ulupono or Instagram: @uluponoinitiative.


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