Residents: Lānaʻi gas reaches $6.39 a gallon on Monday

Lānaʻi gas. Video Credit: Aerial Images Hawaiʻi via Russell deJetley

Gas prices on the island of Lānaʻi reportedly hit $6.39 on Monday, Jan. 24, 2022, before dropping back down below the six dollar mark in recent days, according to residents.

Island residents reached out to Maui Now saying the rural community lacks “healthy competition,” to “drive fuel costs down.”

Despite rising oil prices internationally, gas prices in Hawaiʻi “moved no more than a penny or two in either direction,” last week, according to the AAA Hawaiʻi Weekend Gas Watch.  The rural Lānaʻi community is not included in the report, and the Maui estimate looks specifically at Wailuku and Kahului.

The current average price of regular gas in Kahului and Wailuku is $4.52 a gallon for regular, unchanged from last week, up three cents from a month ago, and up 97 cents from the same time last year, according to average daily prices posted at AAA Hawaiʻi.

The prices listed are a snapshot and are derived from fleet vehicle credit card transactions at specific participating stations. They are not reflective of all stations in those cities.

“Continued concerns about how the omicron variant may impact tourism and therefore, the demand for gasoline, seems to be muting the effect here of rising oil prices,” Liane Sumida, AAA Hawaiʻi general manager said last week.

A new updated report is due out later today.

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  • PC: AAA Hawaiʻi
  • PC: AAA Hawaiʻi

*Maui Now reached out to Lānaʻi City Service via phone, but was unable to make contact at the time of this posting.

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