Rep. DeCoite Working with State to Address “Rampant Numbers” of Deer Carcasses on Moloka‘i

State Representative Lynn DeCoite is working with the state to address what she calls “rampant numbers of deer carcasses” showing up on the island.

In an open letter to residents, Rep. DeCoite said, “I have been in contact with the Department of Health and the Department of Land and Natural Resources regarding this situation.   Both departments along with the state department of Transportation and the County are all working to make sure this situation is addressed.”

“With the current drought conditions, we are all seeing why the management of the deer population is so integral to our island’s ecosystem and along with the health of our community,” said Rep. DeCoite.

DeCoite, who represents House District 13, (which includes Haʻikū, Hāna, Kaupō, Kīpahulu, Nāhiku, Pāʻia, Kahoʻolawe, Molokini, Lānaʻi and Molokaʻi), said she has introduced legislation relating to deer and axis deer over the past few years.

“While this is a situation I was trying to prevent, I hope that those that opposed the management efforts are willing to work with all (of) us to reach a solution and plan for better management,” said Rep. DeCoite.

She is calling on residents to report incidents by using the following numbers:

  • Deer carcasses on Molokaʻi Ranch property: (808) 552-2741
  • Deer carcasses on State Highway property: (808) 446-1424
  • Maui County dead animal pick up: (808) 270-7869 or (808) 553-3222
  • Deer on DLNR property or problems with live deer needing wildlife control action: (808) 984-8100

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