Reinvent your outdoor space with landscape edging from City Mill

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In 2020, many people found that time spent nurturing and creating their own outdoor spaces became not only a hobby, but also brought a deeply rewarding sense of accomplishment. HI Now host Kainoa Carlson is with Ron Souza from City Mill Hawaii Kai to learn how easy it can be to redesign an outdoor space using landscaping edging.

“Edging can definitely kick up your garden or yard design a notch or two, but there’s actually a bunch of practical reasons to use edging,” Souza explains. “Besides defining the space between, say your flower bed and the lawn, it can help create a walkway, hold your mulch or topsoil in place and even help prevent your lawnmower from damaging your plants.”

Depending on what you’re trying to accomplish in your outdoor space, you’ll end up using different types of products. If you’re using edging for practical reasons like holding mulch or topsoil in place, or even creating a separate space, Souza says scalloped bricks are great.

“You can see how heavy they are, and the weight helps keep them in place as well as prevent the soil from spilling over into the adjoining space,” he explains. “Brick is a great long-term material. If you are looking for edging that’s more for appearance, you can use the plastic fence style, or there are low profile ones you bury in the ground.”

City Mill carries a wide variety of products to help with all your household needs! From jobs big to small, you can do them all. So if you’re looking to spruce up your yard or garden this year, be sure to head down to City Mill and pick up any of these products or order online at

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