Red placard issued to restaurant in Lahaina, Maui

The Hawai‘i Department of Health’s Food Safety Branch issued a red placard and shut down China Bowl Asian Cuisine Restaurant, located at 2580 Kekaa Dr, #116, Lahaina on Maui.

The DOH reports that the food establishment, operated by Tay Asian Cuisine, Inc., received the red placard on May 17 and must remain closed until DOH conducts a follow up inspection and all violations are resolved.

During a routine inspection conducted on May 17, the DOH inspector noted the following alleged violations:

  • Rodent droppings throughout the downstairs and kitchen areas;
  • Dead rodents and roaches in the downstairs storage area and refrigerated prep chiller;
  • Missing ceiling tiles and a gap on the bottom of exterior door, allowing entry of pests into the kitchen;
  • Food debris and grease accumulation throughout the kitchen and downstairs storage area;
  • Improper storage of potentially hazardous foods in refrigerators; and
  • Blockage of the two handwash sinks.

DOH is requiring the restaurant to take the following corrective actions before it is allowed to reopen:

  • Work with a professional pest control contractor to develop a rodent and cockroach monitoring and treatment plan to eradicate the current pest infestation;
  • Clean the kitchen and downstairs storage areas of food debris, harborage, and grease and fill any remaining holes or gaps.

A follow-up inspection by the Food Safety and Vector Control Branches is scheduled for today.

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