Red Cross of Hawaiʻi received $1.7 million in posthumous gifts from three estates

The estates of the three donors contributed a combined $1.7 million in 2021 to the American Red Cross of Hawaiʻi to support disaster response and preparedness. Photo Courtesy: American Red Cross of Hawaiʻi

In 2021, the American Red Cross of Hawaiʻi received $1.7 million bequeathed by the estates of three donors, the largest contributions to the organization in many years.

These posthumous gifts are a powerful resource for supporting the Red Cross mission of preventing and alleviating human suffering and ensuring a legacy of community resilience. 

Robert G. Schmidt, a veteran described as a man of few words and a big heart, gifted $1 million to the Red Cross along with other non-profits and Kaumakapili Church in Honolulu. It was only after his passing that his anonymity was lifted after years of contributions.

The estate of Peggy Whipperman donated $554,000 in conjunction with a property sale in Hilo; and the estate of Natalie Mahoney donated $145,000.

Their donations will go to support the programs of the Hawaiʻi Red Cross in disaster response and preparedness. 

“These gifts speak to the desire to create a lasting legacy in ensuring our Hawaiʻi Red Cross can fulfill our mission of helping those in the community in the face of disasters and emergencies,” said Diane Peters-Nguyen, CEO of the American Red Cross Pacific Islands Region. “Each donation represents lives touched in a powerful and positive way that can then be passed on to the next person in need.” 

To establish your own legacy of giving and community support with the Red Cross, please visit or email our Regional Gift Planning Officer Art Stine at 

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