Red Cross Honors Jed Somit: Kauai’s 2021 Volunteer of the Year

The American Red Cross is proud to congratulate its 2021 Volunteers of the Year! Each year, March is recognized as Red Cross Month, and the organization takes the opportunity to put the spotlight on the dedicated and hard-working volunteers that make Red Cross relief efforts possible. The volunteer of the year serving the island of Kauai is Jed Somit.

For the past four years, Somit has been a volunteer with Kauai’s disaster services. His role has evolved from logistics and disaster response to being a logistics lead and disaster action team lead duty officer. In these roles, Somit coordinates the efforts of follow duty officers and ensures that each of them are provided with the necessary paperwork and information to complete their assignments.

Over the past year, Somit has played a big part in getting shelters setup for Hurricane Douglas by running supplies to and from the shelters, including all necessary person protective equipment needed for COVID-10 safety guidelines and response. Once the supplies were delivered, he led the shelter staff by giving them boots-on-the-ground training as many of them were new to their roles. This role of mentor and educator has carried on throughout the pandemic as he’s worked to train fellow volunteers on the ins and outs of Red Cross missions.

Congratulations and thank you for all you do, Jed Somit, Kauai’s 2021 Red Cross Volunteer of the Year!

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