Recruitment Closes Quickly for 46 In-Demand Conservation Officer Jobs

Enforcement at Kehena Beach on Hawaiʻi Island. PC: Hawaiʻi DLNR

About 36-hours after the official application period opened for 46 conservation officer positions, department officials closed recruitment, quickly fulfilling application limits.

Officials with the DLNR Division of Conservation and Resources Enforcement say the Hawai‘i Conservation Resources Enforcement Officers or CREO jobs are considered some of the most sought-after jobs within State government.

DOCARE Chief Jason Redulla said, “We anticipated and appreciate the high-level of interest in these jobs, from individuals without any previous law enforcement background. We respectfully ask those who did not complete on-line applications in time to not call our offices or other State offices, as instructions about the application process were well publicized in advance. We do hope in future years, there will be other opportunities for people wanting to become CREOs.” 

Submitted applications will be reviewed and qualified candidates will be referred to the Department soon for the next phase in the recruitment process.

Those who clear these next steps of the hiring process will then be granted entrance into the DOCARE Rookie Training Academy, scheduled to begin in 2022. 

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