Reasons To Use Email Marketing

Reasons To Use Email Marketing

You want your business to grow. Where you spend your marketing budget is something you are rightfully concerned with. You know you need to bring in new customers and keep your existing customers coming back. You can’t afford to invest time or resources into something that isn’t going to deliver the results you need. Let’s look at some of the reasons to use email marketing to get the job done.

Email marketing is a great way to reach prospects and customers right where they are … in their inbox. How many times do you check your own email each day? Guess what. Your prospects and customers do, too.

If you are the kind of person that likes statistics and numbers, consider these reasons to use email marketing:

If you are more inclined to make your decisions on the “just makes sense” meter, check out these reasons to use email marketing:

Email Marketing Builds Credibility People do business with someone they feel they know, like, and trust. You can use email marketing to build credibility with your prospects and customers by sharing helpful information and tips with them as an ongoing or weekly tips broadcast.

Email Marketing Save Money Every business owner has to keep an eye on the budget. Email marketing is much less expensive than traditional marketing allowing you to get more done while reducing expenses.

Email Marketing Makes The Phone Ring Many businesses love using email marketing to make the phone ring. Broadcast a special offer, discount, or incentive to create new customers and bring existing customers back for more.

Email Marketing Can Increase Donations Does your group need to raise funds for a special cause? Building a list of supporters gives you access to quickly boost fundraising results.

Email Marketing Can Strengthen Relationships Want your customers to feel like they are more than a number? Send out personalized updates, tips, and announcements to keep your business in front of them and increase their “know, like, and trust” factor.

In my ministry I am able to keep people informed, provide distance education modules and serve large group meetings with efficiency and personal attention.

George McBride

(Customer Since  2013)

Email Marketing Helps You Improve Communication Need to update your customers or prospects? A quick broadcast sent out at the right time can help make sure your message reaches the people you need it to.

Any time I sing, I make sure I tell fans how to join my list online and when I book new events, I can quickly let everyone know when and where we are with the click of my mouse.”

Sheri Lavo, Houston Singer
(Customer Since 2015)

Email Marketing Can Build Your Brand When you send out regular updates such as newsletters, training tips, etc… branded with your logo and message, you reinforce your brand identity with prospects and customers.

Email Marketing Drives Sales Adding a Call To Action to your newsletters and updates can quickly result in new sales and repeat sales. You are sending your subscribers valuable and helpful information. It just makes sense that they want to buy from you. has also helped me to educate and inform my prospects, to help them come to a buying decision before I ever talk to them.

David M. Bresnahan, Actor
(Customer Since  2006)

Email Marketing Gives Marketing Feedback When you are able to see how well your email marketing message is being received, you can make critical marketing decisions. Knowing which message is getting opened (or isn’t) and knowing how your readers interact with your message makes it easier for you to fine-tune future messages and generate better results.

Email Marketing Saves Time When you use TrafficWave’s Email Marketing system, you get the tools and training you need to get started generating results quickly. Our video tutorials are designed to get you started very quickly and if you get stuck, our support team is never further than a mouse click away.

Email Marketing Lets You Reach People Right Where They Are All over the world, people are checking emails on their computer, tablet, or smart phone. Put your message right in their hands with email marketing.

With our easy to edit template system, you can quickly create a template for your message that looks great and gets the job done. Save your template and use it again and again to quickly create and deliver your message in record time.

Email Marketing Increases Web Site Traffic Want to let customers and prospects know how to find great deals online? Send them an announcement from inside your TrafficWave account and watch your web site traffic climb.

Email Marketing Can Generate Fast Results Unlike traditional marketing, you can quickly get your message out and often see instant results. This comes in handy for a small business that needs to generate quick sales to build the bottom line.

Email Marketing Generates Leads Not everybody who visits your web site is ready to place an order. Email marketing helps you build and nurture relationships so you can convert targeted leads to customers.

Email Marketing Can Start a Conversation Invite your readers to ask questions, contribute to the conversation, and more with your email marketing message. That conversation might very well lead to more sales.

These reasons to use email marketing are really just the beginning. Tell us how you have used email marketing to help your business grow. You might become our next email marketing success story!

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