Quinn O’Brien, Vice President, Global Brand Marketing at Lenovo talks ‘Marketing is Dead…

Quinn O’Brien, Vice President, Global Brand Marketing at Lenovo talks ‘Marketing is Dead: Engagement is Alive’

Ahead of this year’s Brand Marketing Summit NYC (Oct 24–25th), I spoke with Quinn O’Brien, Vice President, Global Brand Marketing at Lenovo in this exclusive Q&A.

Incite Group: For 2018 Incite Group has made a bold statement ‘Marketing is Dead: Engagement is Alive’ what are your thoughts on marketing’s role to drive engagement?

Since the days of David Ogilvy smart marketers have known that it’s better to engage customers directly rather than just talking at them. When I joined a small direct marketing agency 25 years ago, our most successful clients gave us briefs that challenged us to insert their brands and products into consumers’ lives in meaningful ways. Our least successful clients told us what they wanted their audience to think. The difference today is that there are exponentially more channels through which we can engage customers and we’re able to measure the results a lot more clearly and granularly. But engagement lies at the core of good marketing just as strongly as it did 25 or 50 years ago.

To answer your question directly, I think marketing — when done well — plays a key role in driving engagement. But I think other functions, like sales and customer support, play an equal, and sometimes greater role than marketing in delivering an engaging brand experience.

Incite Group: What is your main goal for 2018? And how are you going to get there?

My main goal is to drive significantly more consistency and impact in the way customers experience the brand — in different markets and across different customer segments. We have a myriad of different initiatives to do this.

Incite Group: How do you see marketing’s role changing in the foreseeable future?

I see Marketing as having a significantly deeper role in driving the business than it has in the past. With advances in technology, we’re now able to have an incredibly clear view of the day-to-day interactions between our most valuable customers and our brand. Marketing can be the function that shines a bright light on these interactions then showcases how these interactions can turn into sustained profitable growth for the brand.

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Incite Group: Customer Journey Mapping is being spoken about more and more, what changes are you making to understand your customer more deeply?

We’ve established a dedicated Customer Experience (CX) team focused on understanding the customer journey and identifying the right moments to engage them.

Incite Group: Engagement and Story Inspiring will be a key focus at the Brand Marketing Summit, how are you changing/redefining your content strategy?

Five years ago we took a shotgun approach to content: large amounts of bitesize content ‘fishing’ to see which would get the best reaction from a broad audience. Today, we’re much more focused on developing bespoke content programs for our most valuable customers.

Incite Group: What advice would you give to brands trying to accelerate their marketing initiatives?

In my experience, ‘acceleration’ typically requires incremental investment. So, marketers must ensure they’re continually reinforcing the value of marketing in the eyes of the CEO and other key business leaders. This involves showing how marketing makes the brand relevant in the world all the way through to how marketing helps drive sustained profitable growth. No matter the argument, having the C-Suite view marketing as a critical business driver is key to uncovering incremental investment.

Incite Group: Can you share in one sentence why you are looking forward to uniting with innovative marketers at the Brand Marketing Summit to share your vision?

Stepping out of the whirlwind of my day job and talking to other brand marketers gives me a really valuable perspective on the challenges I’m facing.

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