Push Your Startup Forward with Integrated Marketing

What makes a successful startup launch? That’s right: great marketing.

The growth of communication technology and change in consumer behaviour requires every business leader to stay current and adapt with the continuous transformation. In the past, business founders mainly used conventional media such as radio, television, or newspaper as their marketing channels. However, today’s advancement of digital technology has gift birth to a new approach in engaging potential customers: integrated marketing.

Nowadays, integrated marketing for your business has become more important than ever before. Integrated marketing in itself is focusing on integrated marketing communication (IMC) which bring together all aspects of marketing communication such as advertising, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing, branding and social media using both online and offline media.

Basically, multichannel marketing is about using traditional and digital media to coordinate message across all channels to get the result from increasing brand awareness to brand loyalty from our target consumers. Startup company should be aware of the importance of having an integrated marketing strategy for their company’s profitability. Below, we share some good reasons why integrated marketing campaign matters – and why you should create one:

It is cheap

For a newborn startup struggling to raise funds to build the company, marketing might seem to be a burden that would only burn the capital. But, you don’t have to spend thousands or even millions dollar to create a great integrated marketing strategy. Instead, a brilliant campaign plan that delivers the right message about your company will do. As you know,  one of the advantages of using digital media is that it is mostly free. Therefore, an attractive execution campaign using social media can help your startup reach the audiences with low budget.

With various mainstream social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, you can put both visual or audio-visual contents on your social media accounts for your campaign, and it will reach wider target audiences across the globe. And you don’t have to spend a dime for it!

Stay ahead of your competitors

Integrated marketing will deliver your brand message to prospective customers in a relevant and relatable way. But, most importantly, it helps grow a sales pipeline. A unique and well-executed message within integrated marketing communication will raise brand awareness and gain trust from your target consumers. When your brand campaign can be found in all platforms, it will bring your brand to be the top-of-mind in your marketplace and thus beat your competitors.

For any startup, effectiveness and efficiency are the key to achieve sustainable growth. By consistently communicating your message by using integrated marketing campaign through variety of media channels, it will reinforce the message to your potential clients, and in turn it will make your message more powerful. When your message becomes powerful, this will effectively influence customers to purchase or use your product and services. Not to mention, an integrated marketing strategy also benefits from the efficiency of data management platform by acting as a single source for incoming leads being collected from all different channels.

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