Public Notice: Traffic Disruption in Kula, ‘Ulupalakua, and East Maui, Nov. 9

PC: County of Maui

Goodfellow Brothers, LLC and the County of Maui’s Department of Public Works notify the public that during the pre-dawn hours of Tue., Nov, 9, a lowboy truck carrying an oversized load, with leading and trailing escort vehicles, will leave Waikapū bound for Kēōkea Park. 

From Kēōkea, the convoy will proceed through ʻUlupalakua, Piʻilani Highway, and Hāna Highway bound for Mile Marker Post 43 between Hāna and Kaupō. Estimated time of arrival is 12 p.m. Traffic is expected to be impeded to accommodate transport of a 6-foot by 45-foot load of bulky bridge components. 

Motorists should choose an alternate route or anticipate long delays due to traffic disruption. Visitors planning to visit Hāna that day should return to Central Maui by way of Hāna Highway (not Piʻilani Highway) to avoid the area.

The Department of Public Works is installing a temporary pre-engineered steel bridge over the existing Mahalawa Bridge and constructing paved ramps and guardrails at both approaches to the bridge.

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