Promoted: Revolution launches new sports prototype, orders placed

British company Revolution Race Cars has entered the marketplace with a futuristic US Ford V6-engined machine that meets FIA safety criteria and can be raced in a number of series in 2019.

The carbonfibre monocoque sports prototype was built for under £100,000, and the ‘crate engine’ drives through a bespoke six-speed transaxle built by French specialist 3M0.

It is designed to run 10,000 miles or 100 hours between engine rebuilds, making the 750kg Dunlop-shod package’s affordability all the more apparent.

Revolution launched the prototype at MotorSportDays.Live’s event at Silverstone, eight days after a closed doors shakedown at Snetterton in the hands of James Abbott.

Twenty years ago, Revolution MD Phil Abbott launched the motorcycle-engined Radical – a phenomenon which reset club racers’ sights by offering unprecedented performance per pound.

Having sold 2000 cars and taking the marque from which he was ousted in 2016 to Le Mans, he identified a niche for a more sophisticated car to bridge the gap to LMP competition.

Game-changing infused carbonfibre technology from German partner DD-Compound has productionised its new sports prototype’s tub, designed by Formula 1 composites veteran Pete Watts.

The bodywork is styled by motor industry past master Simon Cox with CFD aero optimisation by Dr Rob Lewis’ TotalSim concern.

With eight orders to date and potential customers clamouring for test drives, the aim is for experienced contractors to build 20 over the winter rather than centrally in a costly factory.

A new UK Sports Prototype Cup series – organised by long-time Dunlop marketeer James Bailey’s PitBox 91 business and badged by BARC at Britcar events – will see Revolutions, Radical SR3s and cars of complementary performance race together at home next season. VdeV Racing is offering events on the continent.

Pictures courtesy of Richard Styles

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