Prevent Parvo in your pups with VCA Hawaii

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The Parvo virus predominantly affects puppies, especially those who are unvaccinated. Certain variants can infect kittens, but it is most common in dogs. It attacks fast-growing cells such as those in the gut and the bone marrow. It is transmitted directly through individual contact and indirectly through contaminated feces, objects, and even people.

“The symptoms that we normally see are vomiting, bloody diarrhea, poor appetite, lethargy and fever,” said Dr. Hye-Yeon Jang of VCA Hawaii.

To keep your pup from getting Parvo, it is crucial to get them properly vaccinated. Dr. Jang also recommends that you should not take your puppy outside until they are completely vaccinated. If a human or dog you know is infected, sanitize the area as thoroughly as possible and keep your dog away from the area. However, it is important to note that your puppy may still contract Parvo even if they are vaccinated.

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