Preparing Your Business for the Holidays

In the blink of an eye, the holiday season is already here! Embracing the holiday mindset into your business and marketing strategy is vital to maximizing your sales for the remainder of 2018. From your promotions to your marketing campaigns, it’s going to take a lot of planning and execution to make the most out of the holiday spending rush.

Whether your business offers products or services, there’s always a way for you to capitalize on consumer spending this holiday season. Since many consumers are already in the spending mindset in the last quarter of the year, the holiday is the prime time to promote! Here are some of our most valuable tips for maximizing holiday sales.

Think about how your product/service can relate to the holiday season. Whatever industry you may be in, there are enticing offers you can make. Ask yourself questions about the holiday season and how your business can benefit potential buyers. What discounts or sales-bundles can you offer? Can you operate with extended hours on Black Friday? Which dates can you capitalize on the most on?

Keep in mind that the holiday season already has a lot of discounts, so you may not necessarily need a BIGGER discount. Think about the value of your offer and why it’s better than your competitors. What’s the story behind your offer?

Planning your promotion also includes making a budget and setting sales goals! Without a proper budget and intent, it’ll be a little tricky to know when you’ve made a profit. Having holiday sales goals will help determine your success! If possible, use sales analytics from years before to determine what your budgets and goals should look like.

After you’ve planned the details of your promotion, bring the holiday season to life! Now is the time to update or double check the information on your website and social media with the business address, phone number, etc. Make sure the information is consistent across all of your platforms to avoid confused consumers. Your updated websites and social platforms will encourage buyers to take part in your promotion.

Don’t forget to implement your promotion in the real world, too! Decorate your business or storefront, make signs or flyers, or even have your employees dress in the holiday spirit. Do whatever you need to do to make your business scream, “HAPPY HOLIDAYS!”

If you own or manage a retail store, chances are you’ve hired a handful of seasonal employees for the season. It’s important to take the time to train them and invest in them. If they are just as knowledgeable as your long-term employees, they will be a great asset to your customers.

Stick to your budget! Sometimes overspending is inevitable due to unforeseen circumstances, however, going over budget is only going to take from your revenue and potential profit. If you run into problems, adjust where you can and keep moving forward.

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