Pohai Nani takes multi-dimensional approach to resident wellness

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Healing is both a mental and physical exercise. At Pohai Nani in Kaneohe, the staff there takes a holistic approach to treating Hawaii’s kupuna. Pohai Nani’s wellness program planning is based on the needs and interests of its residents.

“We have some residents who are very high functioning and would like to be challenged physically and intellectually,” says Senior Living Wellness Director Jo Cinter. “We create programs and classes to be stimulating and engaging. We have some residents who don’t love exercise, but know it is good for them, so they need extra encouragement and follow through.”

Cinter explains that when residents move in, she meets with them to find out their interests and looks for activities and exercise classes that meet their needs. She strongly believes that wellness is much more than exercise and weight management.

“I follow the philosophy of the six dimensions of wellness. Wellness is a holistic integration of physical, mental, and spiritual-well-being, fueling the body, engaging the mind and nurturing the spirit. It’s about living life fully,” she says.

Pohai Nani offers classes and activities that integrate these six dimensions of wellness. For example, its Body and Brain class on Saturday focuses on engaging and relaxing the mind through Qi Gong breathing. There’s even the Zoom Talk story activity, which connects residents socially. This is especially important during these times.

“We bring a mental stimulation component into all of our small group exercise classes. We want the residents to be stimulated physically and cognitively,” Cinter says.

Cinter says the most important thing to note is that wellness is multi-dimensional.

“It is important to give attention to all dimensions, but they do not have to be equally balanced,” she says. “Each person is unique and so is their needs. We always take that into consideration when planning exercise and activities here at Pohai Nani.”

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