Personal Trainer Marketing Case Study: The Power of Social Media Marketing

Marketing 360® works with two personal trainers who are using social media marketing and videos to gain huge followings.  Here’s an overview of how they do it.

(Note, for privacy reasons, we don’t divulge information of marketing clients with personal brands and large social media followings).

Some businesses lend themselves better to certain marketing channels than others.

Let’s put one of those together.  Personal trainers are, by nature of their profession, extremely fit.  They have tend to have photogenic physiques.

Personal trainers create content that’s ideal for images and videos.  A 30-second demo of a workout is exactly what their clients are looking for.

This combination that an ideal fit for social media marketing.

Marketing 360® works with two personal trainers that now have major social media followings on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.  Here’s how they leverage those audiences into profitable online personal training businesses.

Free Value

The core of the strategy for both these personal trainers is that they give away a great deal of useful content for free.

It starts with short workout demos they share on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.  These usually run about 30-seconds and demonstrate one training exercise.

For these two personal trainers, each of these videos gets anywhere from 5 to 20k reactions.

This gives people a taste of what the personal courses will be like and gets them brand exposure that builds with each new post.

Lifestyle and Health Posts

In addition to doing training videos, each of these personal trainers is adept and using lifestyle, diet, and health related posts to help people on their fitness journey.

Every time they eat out, find a new supplement, learn about a health condition or connect with others in the fitness industry, they post.  They tag people and businesses and use hashtags to gain visibility.

They also throw in personal posts, from events they’re attending to just looking great, ready for a night on the town or afternoon on the beach.

With their sizable audiences, these posts also spread, creating more brand exposure.

From Branding to Conversions

You’re thinking, well this all sounds great, but how to they leverage all this exposure into online personal training business?

All that brand exposure on social media translates into a great deal of traffic into their websites.

In fact, for these two personal trainers, all of their convertible traffic comes from brand channels.  This includes organic search (NLA) that is primary searches on their brand name, social referral traffic, and direct website traffic.

Here’s the data for the last two months which shows this clearly:

The second site is a newer account that gets most of its conversions via social referrals, dominated mainly by Instagram:

So brand recognition from social channels drive the traffic.  Free content initiated a relationship, and people are ready for more.

Each of these personal trainers has membership programs with online videos, nutritional content, and one-on-one online training programs.

This website has strong calls to action with a choice of programs:

Both sites do a great job of outlining what the online programs are like, with solid explanations of how online training works.  Prospects who’ve grown to appreciate them through social media will be really attracted to these offers.

Personal trainers have a real opportunity to expand their client base with online clients, as these two show.  It starts by building a platform on social media, then funneling your audience into a website that converts them into clients.

If you have similar goals, get your social media accounts going – aggressively.  Build your personal brand.

Then hire Marketing 360® to handle your tactical marketing so you can convert your social media popularity into paying clients.

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